How To Keep Your Business Afloat – Part 3

Starting a Business in itself is a major feat, it does not matter if that business is Online or Offline. Turning that business into a profitable venture and keeping it afloat is another ball game all together.

From the Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series, you do understand that the ability to convince people to part with cash in exchange for your goods or services is the corner stone for keeping your business afloat. And the best part is that, you don't need to travel from door to door, doing presentations and hard selling to convince people to buy into your products, services, ideas or consultancy.

Like I said in Part 2, I sell millions of naira worth of goods and services to my clients, some of them I never get to meet them, and I do it using a system that helps me to generate a DAILY CONSISTENT income.


How To Get People To Buy Into

Your Goods, Services, Ideas and Consulting Gigs Without Selling From Door To Door

You and I already agreed in Part 2 of this article series that in todays' world the internet is an amazing place to launch a new business, reinvent your career, or expand the growth of your existing offline business. Guess What?

It's also the best place to find out if people are willing to pay ANYTHING to get your goods, services, ideas or consulting advice and the best place to implement this System that helps me to generate a DAILY CONSISTENT income.

This system is best described as funneling. It's a system that helps your to recognize prospective customers from a crowd, helps you capture these prospective customers and helps you communicate properly with them and helps you value and reward your repeat customers.

There are various steps in the process but these five condensed steps capture every part of the process in a broad sense – seat tight and read the next paragraphs with rapt attention and interest –

Set up an attractive website for your product, idea, service or consultancy, add value to your website because people who become daily users of your website are more likely to also become your clients, invest in a software that can help you

capture the contact details of your daily website users, define and design the valuable product, service, idea or consultancy that you are willing to give away in exchange for the contact details of your daily users, and finally define your goal or purpose for building a relationship with your prospect. In most cases, your final goal would be the repeated sales of your product, services and ideas.

What I have done in the last few paragraphs is that I have given you a highly condensed formula for keeping your business afloat without the fear of door to door selling and without drilling a hole in your pocket for advertising fees.

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As you can imagine, What I did in the last few paragraphs is that I gave you a highly condensed formula for keeping your business afloat without the fear of door to door selling and without drilling a hole in your pocket for advertising fees. However,

You can have all the process laid out, step by step, with graphical video guides and live training and this brings me to your special invitation to be a part of the selected few who will be admitted into the 10Weeks Online Coaching Program and 2Days Live Training for this program.

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You see, within the last 12 months, the internet landscape has changed. Advertising
has changed and the art of generating consistent income online has changed and in a way become easier.

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Remember to share your comments below on what you have done to keep your business afloat or share your advice with others. Talk soon 

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