How To Keep Your Business Afloat – Part 2


It was a Monday morning, we had slept over at the hotel on Sunday following a massive seminar for a business which was about to launch its presence in Nigeria through my friend…

As was the nature of our business  we got up, we each took to our laptops and as soon as the phones were switched on, they began to ring.. and there was this particularly persistent caller who had loads of questions and wanted answers..

And then I heard my friend explaining to this caller…I have a following of over 20,000 people on the internet who listen to me through their emails, so basically, I talk to these people about the business opportunity, they listen to me and then they decide if they want to buy into the business opportunity or not…

In a few words (which I'd consider framing on my wall), my friend had explained to this caller the very foundations of how we had managed to stay afloat in business for over 15 years of combined experience with increasing yearly 7-Figure incomes…and this brings me to what I want to tell you in todays' series


How To Build An Online Influence That Supports Your Offline Business

You and I agree today that the internet is an amazing place to launch a new business, reinvent your career, or expand the growth of your existing offline business. Let’s face it, business has gone digital But People still HATE selling.

When a new business opportunity is introduced to people, even you reading this page right now, one of the first questions that callers ask is  - will I sell anything? will I be going from door to door to sell anything?

At first, I used to be really "Shocked" and "Surprised" at those questions – I mean - How do you expect to make money WITHOUT Selling anything??

But then, over the years, I have learnt to answer these *Surprising* questions in a way that helps the person asking to understand why selling is corner stone every business needs to continually stay afloat.

If you are struggling to keep your business afloat, it does not matter if your business is based online, or if its a full blown offline business, ONE thing you really need to understand is that

As a Business Owner, as a business man or woman, as an Entrepreneur (whether offline or online) – You are in the business of SELLING. period. And the Strength of Entrepreneurship (whether offline or online) is the Ability to Get people to BUY your product

Every famous person in the world today has something to SELL – Pastors (The Word), Footballers (Skill), Authors (Books), Musicians (Songs), Politicians (Ideologies). Everyone who is somebody and who matters in the world today IS *successfully* selling Something.

If You must keep your business afloat, you'd need to "Up" your selling game.

But Just like you…I "Cringe" at the thought of going door to door to Beg people to buy my product - Truth is, I CAN'T imagine myself, going door to door to sell stuff. In fact, recently something happened.

I own a Web Development and Consulting firm – named – ServiceForts Technologies, 99% of the jobs we get to build interactive websites for Hotels, Schools, and Businesses, 99% of these jobs we get online, I don't go out to canvass for them or do presentations to get them, in fact, we get our jobs done without ever meeting our clients,  and the least cheque each client write me is N500,000.

Yep, I get N500,000 cheques without ever getting to meet my clients. So, back to my story, there was this client who wanted us to build a website for their Hotel, the pay was good, but the client wanted something not cost effect for ANY business – meetings, meetings, and more meetings! – in fact at a point - I had to inform the client that we would gladly refund their money if they call for any more meeting again! Our job is "brain work" and endless meetings and presentations "clogs the wheel of progress"

I Said that to make a point - You can sell your goods and services to keep your (online or offline) business afloat WITHOUT Going from Door to Door.

I sell millions of naira worth of goods and services to my clients, some of them I never get to meet them, and I do it using a system that helps me to generate a DAILY CONSISTENT income.

To Sell and keep your business afloat without door to door marketing, Your advertising strategies are crucial to the success of your business especially if you are trying to sustain your business using the influence of the internet.

Advertising is a never ending process because you will need to advertise everything that you are doing for your company whether you are launching a new product or offering new promos. And in my next and final Series, I will show you how You can sell your goods and services to keep your (online or offline) business afloat WITHOUT Going from Door to Door.

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Best Regards

Efe Imiren
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