How To Keep Your Business Afloat – Part 1

        The time was 1:20pm..

It was a hot afternoon. I sat alone on my desk, staring at the business card-sized sheet of paper on my working table with a pen in my hand…

How do I keep this business afloat…I asked myself…

Every month after pouring blood, sweat and tears into keeping the business afloat, I was paying bills…Nepa Bill…Internet Bills..Water Bills..Rent…Security bills…as my mind began to wander to advertising bills…I found myself

thinking aloud…If only I could generate a CONSISTENT income that can just take care of all these bills EVERY Month…

As I worked at calculating these monthly expenses, my calculations showed that all I needed to do was generate a DAILY income of N950 EVERY day, to keep the business afloat…

…Believe it or not…there was a time in this business that generating N950 DAILY was a Herculean task…

And that burden led to the next obvious question which came to mind…What do I do to Make N950 DAILY??…

as my mind began to race, my hand began to write, my head bent over that sheet of paper, I began to put down the blueprint, the system, that would help me generate a DAILY CONSISTENT income of N950 EVERY day and Thus on that Hot afternoon, on that

table filled with sweats and rumpled paper, was the birth place of a discovery which I now pass on to others in a 10 Weeks training program now known and revered by many as  "N950 Daily Business System"

>>>>> Fast Forward to Today….

Many entrepreneurs, both newbies and veterans, still experience such afternoons like that Hot afternoon I experienced years ago,

Where their minds wander and try to find answers to that ONE question that must be answered if they must remain in business…

"How do I keep this business afloat, What do I do to Make CONSISTENT income to remain in business, and at least take care of my expenses"

That is the question we will try to answer during the next 10 days…together.

Keep a Date with me in your email on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 as I show you what do to keep your business afloat. ..especially as an entrepreneur who uses the power of the internet.

Best Regards

Efe Imiren
PS: Admission into the N950-Per-Day Business System will open on Tuesday 29th July 2014, but first, we want to be sure the system contains answers to your questions and solutions to internet business problems that you want us to help you solve.

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