How to Import ANYTHING wholesale – List of Wholesale Portals

3 Important things to remember as you set out to buy wholesale

1) You Make More Money From Importation Business when you get your products at a cheaper price from your Source. Your source could be the Manufacturer or a Wholesaler

2) Never pay for your products before you’ve sold them. It sounds impossible but, I have continously pre-sold most of the products I  import, ever before I place an order for the goods.

3) Know this – wholesalers are not the same as manufacturers, and you should not
build your import business using a wholesaler as your MAJOR supplier!

I'm not saying don't use wholesales if that's the only option available, I'm saying make every possible attempt to get products direct from Manufacturers, "even brand names"; that way you can compete favourably when it comes to price.

You can buy at wholesale from any of these product portals:



  1. I’m an importer.Presently, I import wristwatches.
    I will be glad if I can have access to who sale portals

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