How To Get US UK China Dubai Address

When importing your goods from China, Dubai, UK or US websites, sometimes you will find that they either don’t accept your local ATM card or that they don’t ship to Nigeria.
Well, you can over come this challenge by using any of the mail-forwarders and personal shopping websites below.
Some of these websites offer what is called mail consolidation, i.e. you can buy products from various stores or website, and these mail-forwarding websites will help you to package them into one whole good and send them to you.
Some of these websites also provide you with valid UK, US, China and Dubai addresses to help you save on the cost of shipping.
Here is an example of how I used one of these sites:
I needed to buy a book from Amazon but they wouldn’t ship the book to Nigeria because it was sold by a reseller on Amazon who doesn’t ship to Nigeria, and the book cost only £0.1 anyway so it didn’t make sense for the shipper to spend a huge amount shipping to me in Nigeria.
I simply registered on one of the forwarding sites below, the book was shipped free to the US address I was given and then they forwarded it directly to my address in Lagos within 5working days.
I did the same for US Address as well.
Read the help section of the websites, before deciding to use any. Beside each website I have put some comments to further help you with deciding which services to us. (UK, US, China, Dubai Addresses but doesn’t allow consolidation of parcels) (cheap, but has issues with amazon in address recognition, does not accept Nigerians) (They give you US and Austria addresses but the addresses doesn’t work on
Please post others you may know of below to help other users of the forum.


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