How To Get A Free Return Ticket To 2013 China Trade Fair Because It’s My Birthday

Happy new month and welcome to todays' post.

Until midnight on 5th April 2013, you can get from me 7 Step-by-Step DVDs, One HardCopy Book, delivered F.ree to your doorstep, a F.REE Return Ticket to the China TradeFair, PLUS N15,000 discount on the “Importation Business 2011-2012 DVD” and N3,000 discount on the “Importation Business eBook”.

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I'm holding this special offer because it is my birthday this Easter season, (April 2nd to be precise) and this is my way of saying THANK YOU to all the people who read my business news letters.
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Talk soon,
Efe Imiren
P.S. This special birthday offer ends at midnight on 5th April 2013. If you'd like to get the F.ree return ticket to China Tradefair, 7DVDs, the Hardcopy book and importation business ebook and DVD discounts… then go here now:
PPS: I’m also giving readers of our travel news letters a surprise birthday gift, check it out here:
Hey, don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday before jetting off to see the offers…laughs


  1. I want to wish Efe a big happy birthday many more years of happy returns and I pray as you are out to liberate people God will surely see to it that He perfect all that concerns you Amen

  2. Wishing the best of celebration , wish u all of God's best gifts to live a victorious life. God will perfect all that has to do with you in this season of celebration. Happy birthday!!!

  3. Wishing you all the best, May God make you bigger and bless you more than you can ever imagine.I am honored to know you, thanks so much for all you have done and for your news letters i always look forward to them. God bless you n protect you on your birthday and always….Amen!

  4. Happy birthday Efe,

    I wish you many more years of of fruitful life as the ones you had so far have been useful to yourself and to many others. you are pushing so hard & successfully. Let me describe you as Nigeria's internet iron lady. More grease to your elbow.

  5. Happy Birthday my able Mummy, if i have met you earlier enough my life would have been more better than it is now. all the same i pray God to grant you more fruitful yes to come…….hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray

  6. Ms. Efe,

    WOW…I am so happy to be a partaker in you bday celebration, you are indeed an inspiration and a hope for a better future for this generation, I really do appreciate and enjoy all you are doing to inform and educate people in this chosen path of yours.

    As you celebrate your bday today, I wish you more wisdom and all the good things of life that you desire for yourself, it is well with you and all that belong to you. AMEN

    Happy Birthday.

    OpeOluwa Oloyede

    Houston, TX

  7. Happy Birthday. I wish you more prosperous and fulfilling years ahead. You've really been a great blessing to me. I rejoice greatly with you.

  8. Happy Birthday. I wish you more prosperous and fulfilling years ahead. You've really being a great blessing to me. I rejoice greatly with you.

  9. I join others in wishing you happy birthday and thanking God for His goodness in your life. While counting your blessings, i wish you more years of progress, breakthrough and peace of mind in all you do.

    I am happy to have you as one of my mentors.

  10. Happy Birthday ma'm God has sent you to us in such a time like these to help. I said to myself this morning it's not what we have that makes us but whom we are and the positive impact on other lives. I feel you! The LORD bless your day. HBD!

    3 gbosa foe EFE!

  11. i am still mourning because i missed the importation seminar.i was in lagos on december 27th to see on how i will be a part of this year's seminar but i was told you trave birthdayled outside the country..all the same happy birthday

  12. some former students are now organizing importation seminars here there but i choose to stay with the headmistress Efe Imiren

  13. Hi Dear,

    I wish u a very happy birthday as u added another year to your years. May the good Lord continue to strengthen you in this great work you are doing to liberate humanity from poverty. Thank you and I wish you many more years ahead.Amen

  14. I want 2 wish d most industrous Nigerian woman Efe a hapi birthday n many more fruitful yrs ahead,my rare gem enjoy LLnP.For ur great impact 2 our generation,u r d only one Nigerian dat doesnt hid success informations n its shows u want us 2 succeed,u will never fail ma.

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