How To Accomplish Impossible Financial Goals In 2014

Most of us want to improve our lives, and many of us know the little things that we could do to incrementally improve our lives. Yet many of us won't do those little things.
When I say little things, I'm talking about:
- Eating healthier
- Getting more exercise
- Watching less television
- Drinking more of water
- Making more time for family and
- doing the things that we actually enjoy.
Most of us also understand that since most people are not experiencing massive success, that if we want to achieve massive success, then we must be willing to do things differently than what most people are willing to do.
Yet most people are unwilling to step outside of their comfort zones and do things that seem very challenging or that the average person might view as "unreasonable."
Most people seem unwilling to attempt things that average people view as improbable. We look around us, see what is "the norm" and don't dare step outside that mold.
The problem is that hundreds of millions of people are unhappy, and lead unsatisfying, un-fulfilling lives BECAUSE they have been conditioned to ACCEPT being less than they could have or be.
The key to accomplishing more is simply giving yourself permission to try.
The key to accomplishing more is asking yourself if you really want more from life, and "being adult enough" to acknowledge that achieving that will require you to step outside of society's narrowly defined mold.
Since we spend out entire lives being socialized, and programmed as to what is "normal" and "acceptable" by our institutions (educational institutions, family units, governmental institution, and religious institutions), it IS difficult for most people to wake up and break free.
It is Only a Mad Man Who Does the Same Thing and Expects a Different Result.
If Your Business or Financial Goal is to achieve something that has been termed impossible in your social circle, You have to break free by TRYING something Different. Something NewSomething You have not done before.
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