Frequently Asked Questions About Online Business Internet Business And The N950 Daily Program

What is 950Daily Business All about?
It is a 10Weeks Training Program that takes place ONLINE which exposes to you in step by step details, how the “making money online works” and it also doubles as a Platform for partnering with ServiceForts Ltd to join our Affiliate Business Program through the  BusinessForts Affiliate Business Partners Platform.
What is An Affiliate Business Program?
The ServiceForts Affiliate Business Program is designed to help Nigerians practice Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria.
The Affiliate Marketing Business Model is simply a business system that helps YOU to promote and sell someones’ products or services in return for commission.
Affiliate marketing is a promotional strategy that is entirely internet based. Affiliates are paid for introducing customers to a website or company. Even bloggers and online forum members can become affiliates and earn commission for referrals.
So basically, ServiceForts has created the products which have been proven valuable in the market place through the income we have generated selling it and through the testimonials and feedback from clients, (and in some cases, depending on your membership level, we have even created all the website and done all the hard work for you), All you need to do is send your website-affiliate-link to your friends and colleagues, and leave the rest to the website to do the talking.
Where Does the Training Take Place?
The training takes place online. Every week for 10 weeks (depending on your level in the program) we email to you 1 video and 1 ebook containing details of simple thing you would to set up your own online business.
What is all this thing about Levels in the 950Daily Business Training.
The 950Daily Business will re-launched on 7th September 2012 to introduce 4 membership levels.
* Static Business Level
* Basic Business Level
* Noble Business Level
* Platinum Business Level
The reason is this:
The 950Daily Business Training is designed to train you for 10 weeks about how online business is set up and how it works.
However, sometimes we realize that some people would rather skip the leaning part, they just want the business to be ready made for them and sometimes, we all want the work done for us.
Sometimes, we prefer to eat at the restaurant with our spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend rather than cook dinner at home. (I do that too, would rather eat out, take the family on a weekend treat rather than cook the meal at home. And truth be told, sometimes it is actually SWEETER to eat out )
So you will discover that:
In Platinum Ready-Made-Business Level we will do almost ALL the work for you. Really, 98% of the work, we will do for you. We will simply hand over to you a ready-made business, which you can go ahead to manage and grow into a business empire.
It’s going to be like handing over to you a plate of hot edikainkong soup, which you did not prepare. You didn’t go to the market, you did not buy the fish, you did not grind the crayfish neither did you pluck the vegetable from the farm to prepare the soup.
Its like you just came home and there, a hot plate of edikainkong soup is on your table waiting for you.
That is exactly how the Platinum Business Level is like. We will do all the work, hand over to you your ready made business and simply point you in the right directions to grow your business into consistent six-figure incomes. PLUS you will enjoy LIFE TIME 2nd tier commissions as long as your membership registration is active.
In Basic Business Level, we will guide you into doing all the hard work yourself, we will point you in the right direction and show you how to do it, we would equip so that you will be able to set up any online business of your choice, and you will be able to do it profitably, with out ever needing to depend on us. By the end of the 10 weeks, you will be able to confidently refer to your self as a guru.
No kidding.
And we have numerous client testimonials to prove what we are talking about.
You can see client testimonials on our blog and website:
In Noble Business Levelwe will guide you into doing the business by yourself however, the difference between the Noble Business Level and Basic Business Level is that you will have more promotional tools in the Noble Business Level and you have more time to decide to renew your access to the Affiliate Control Panel. Plus you will enjoy one full year of 2nd tier commission paid to you. i.e. you will enjoy commissions from the referrals of your “down line” for one full year as long as your membership registration is active.
The Static Business Level is similar to In Basic Business Level except that in Static Business Level, you don’t need to worry about monthly payments or access to your control panel.
Your registration is once. This level for people who simply want to learn about the business, how to do it themselves. Under this level, your affiliate links will be live only during your 10 weeks training. After the 10 weeks, you can decide to put your own products on the blog/website you were taught to build during those 10 weeks training.
During those 10 weeks, all commissions you earn through your affiliate link will be paid to you but after the 10 weeks your lectures would have ended and you will receive another full 2 weeks to practice what you have learnt and earn more commissions from your affiliate links, which will give you FREE access to your Affiliate Control Panel for another full 2 weeks after your 10 weeks training. Meaning under the Static Level, you will have access to your control panel and any commissions earned in your affiliate control panel during the 3 months which is 90 Full days after which your learning contract would have ended and no more commissions.

This static level is for people who want to learn the ropes of the business and do not wish to join ServiceForts affiliate program.

During your 10 weeks you learn how to set up a profitable internet based business or online business as it is popularly called, and you can transfer the knowledge to your own business.

Serviceforts products will be used through out the demonstration ebooks and videos but you can do your own thing on your blog/website once the training is over.
All existing students who registered between June 2011 and August 2012 are currently on the static level and existing student membership on the Static Level for existing students Ends 15th September 2012
If you wish to continue to have access to your Affiliate Control Panel to make money from ServiceForts Products as an affiliate then you can chose to move to the Basic, Noble or Platinum level after your Static Level Training.
The static level is an in-expensive way of testing if internet business is really for you or not. It an inexpensive way to receive premium mentorship and step by step guide without putting a hole in your pocket.

I hear I will get An Affiliate Control Panel, What is Affiliate Control Panel?
Affiliate Control Panel is the engine room of your business. That is where you will be able to monitor sales, get your affiliate links,  see the names of clients who paid for your product. Here is a picture of what it looks like:
You will be able to monitor your commissions daily. And the good news is that your commission is instant because your buyers will use ATM/2checkout for their payments.

How Will I receive My Commission/Business Income?
You will be able to update your Affiliate Control Panel with your bank details once you are registered and receive your login details.
Is the registration one time or renewable? And how much is it if it is renewable.
Registration is a One time payment, however, to have continued access to your Affiliate Control Panel you pay a bimonthly, quarterly or  bi-annual fee depending on if you are on the Basic, Noble or Platinum plan or level. What you are getting in each plan has been carefully explained in this ebook, Download your copy – N950 Daily eBook
Can I use the same skill and knowledge you will teach us, to say create or add other products and market globally?
You see, that is one of the KEY points and Benefits of this program, we are not one of those people who want you “hooked to us” for life, we show you EVERY thing, every thing you need to know to start YOUR OWN THING even if you decide you don’t want to sell ServiceForts products.
So, if your thing is selling shoes, bags, or marketing your hair dressing salon and delivery of home cooked meals or marketing your new consulting service, this program will show you the ropes, and you can apply it to any business of your dreams
I don't know but I seem to learn faster with video tutorials. I hope the videos can afford me this benefit?
Yes, we have simple step by step videos and ebooks delivered to you weekly to help you learn how to make money online in Nigeria, our focus is the Nigerian market, because you need to know how to make it work here first before you begin to sell to the international market
Questions About Commissions and Earnings
If I register now, which is my next move, under the basic level and within days or week am able to make a sale, will I be paid commission and straight to my bank account? Yes, commissions are paid between 25th and 30th monthly directly into your bank account
If for instance at the end of month, I am not able to re-activate my monthly cycle payment update, does it mean if I was able to make small sale my commission would not be paid to my account since I can't gain access to the panel? Yes, your access must be activated for the period during which you earn your commission,
Seriously I have issues with this access charge. Even if it has to remain, why is it so? It cost a lot of money to keep the control panels up and running, maintenance cost, hosting cost, programmers cost, etc. Therefore only people serious about promoting their business regularly should be on the program.
What is the essence of generating affiliate links to over 15 premium products and you are not promoting them? Who bears the cost of keeping those links live while you are busy doing other things or neglecting them? This is a business, and those who get into it need to treat it as a serious business

They asked again that why didn't you display how much these people with testimonies have made with these business model? It is displayed on separate page, check the links provided in the write up on What Gurus Don't Tell You About Internet Business in Nigeria
Do the in-coming basic level qualify for the up coming 5hrs free seminars on 14/15 9/2012? No, unless if they are EXISTING students who registered before 31st July they are qualified.
If not why are they excluded? Because it costs money to run the seminar, we are paying for halls, service, generator, etc and the students contributed from their own pockets for the hall, generator, service people, etc that we will be using on that day. We are only running the seminar to help our existing students and decided to include Static, Noble and Platinum because part of their registration cost can be used to support the bill for running the seminar, Anyone registered on the Basic level who wants to attend the seminar can do so with N4,000 contribution towards the hall and generator services.

Do you honestly assure me that I can make sales daily?
You see, I make sales daily, because I promote my business daily, so don't think you'll set up your business and go to sleep. no work no money period, I am not one of those who lie to get your business. Even stealing requires proper planing not to get caught, so what makes you think there is no work in making money online?
But the most important thing is that we will do all the major hard work for you and the rest is as simple as copy and pasting.
The truth is there is a lot of work in making money online and the level of your profit is going to be entirely up to you, but this one thing I can promise you - If you stick with me and follow every single step-by-step advise I will give to you (either during or after setting up your business) you will make a decent income from this business
You are the only one capable of determining how much you can earn from the business. However I have shown you in this ebook how your income stream can look like -   Download Here 


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