Financial Independence – 3 Vehicles That Can Take You There

Happy Independence. And Happy New Month.
Since we are celebrating the day of Independence, it’ll be natural to talk about some sort of independence in our personal lives today. In this case, since we talk about financial and business success tips (especially online) on this blog, then we’ll just talk about financial independence today.
Sometime ago, I was listening to a teaching by Pastor Chris and he saidsomething that changed the way I read, for life. He said in that teaching that – just because we use some words every day, we shouldn’t assume we know the meaning, nor should we assume that the people we are speaking with know the meaning of those words either.
Ever since I heard those words, the dictionary, google, ehow and wiki became some of my best research tools. So, since I knew I’d be writing about financial independence today, off I went to search for the true meaning of “Independence”, especially, “Financial Independence”.
So, while on that search, Wiki explains to the whole world that financial independence is a term generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. It went on to explain that for financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.
It does not matter how old or young someone is or how much money you have or make. If you can generate enough money to meet your needs from sources other than your primary occupation, then YOU have achieved financial independence. Age is potentially irrelevant with respect to financial independence.
This means if you are 30 years old and your expenses are only N20,000 per month and you have assets that generate N25,000 or more per month, you have achieved financial independence, and you are now free to do things that you enjoy without having to worry about money.
However, if on the other hand, you are 40 years old and earn a million naira monthly but you still have expenses above a million naira monthly, then you are not financially independent because you still have to generate the difference (between what you earn and what you spend) each month just to stay even.
The whole point here is that to be truly independent financially you must meet the following three conditions:
  1. You must generate enough money to meet your expenses
  2. Your income must be more than your expenses
  3. The source of the money used for your expenses (i.e. income) should be from sources other than your primary occupation.
When you meet all three conditions, you can truly declare financial independence.
Over the years at ServiceForts, we have taught various vehicles to financial independence. These vehicles which we teach, have inbuilt capacity to help you generate enough money to meet your expenses, they have inbuilt potentials to make your income more than your expenses, and they are all vehicles that you can run aside your primary occupation (if you want to do them on part time bases).
Three Business Vehicles To Financial Independence
1)    Importation Business: I have always explained that Import Business is second ONLY to oil business. It has the same power as oil to make you stupidly rich. Only if you know the rules, learn from the right sources, and follow the tutelage of people in the import business trenches – people like me :) .
Just last week I was at the Chinese embassy for my visa to the upcoming China trade fair, while that’s a story for another day, the point is, people don’t get their butts up and go to china if there is no money to be made there.
Importation business can be your own vehicle to financial independence if you like creativity and are thrilled about having something new to sell to people.
2)    Information Marketing Business: It is the business of selling your knowledge about your Passion, Idea, Talent, Hobby, Expertise, Existing or New Business in exchange for boatloads of cash using the internet and offline resources.
A wise man, whose books and magazines I read constantly once said, “I think the surest path to success and wealth virtually requires becoming and being perceives as an Expert…a specialist”..
In case you are wondering if you will ever be considered a specialist or expert, he went on to say, everybody is really, really, good at a Few Things…
What is it that you are good at, what is that passion, expertise, knowledge, talent that you know people want to know more about, and would pay good money for packaged information?
Don’t give up on yourself just yet. For an information marketer, every experience good or bad is a money making experience because people will always want to know.
Whether your dream of an information marketing business is still a Mirage, filled with Frustrations, Burnt Fingers and Tales of Woes…or IF you are still a complete internet marketing dunce and an information marketing business newbie, The Smart Income Bootcamp DVDs are the ONLY complete set of Video trainings you will ever need to Master the art of successfully Selling your Information products, your Passion, Idea, Talent, Hobby, Expertise, Existing or New Business on the Internet.
If you seek financial independence through the vehicle of information marketing business, get the DVDs, and if you get them before the date on the website, you will get a Copy of my newly launched PHYSICAL BOOK titled – “Information Marketing Business Blueprint” DVD Value: see website
See the picture of the book below:
3)    Travel Consulting Business: This business has the potential not only to make you financially independent, it also has the potential to take make you widely travelled, if you are as creative as I am.
I saw on CNN the other day as journalist and experts analyzed the mult-billion dollar travel industry in-spite of wars and economic meltdowns.
If you love to sell places, destinations, package people for trips, vacations and events, and if the mere thought of helping people see the world and achieve their dreams through travel makes your eyes twinkle with excitement, then this is your vehicle to financial independence.
It affords you the opportunity to turn your passion into a viable business that would lead you to your dream of financial independence.
If you seek financial independence through the vehicle of Travel Consulting Business, then get the Travel Consulting DVDs, and if you get them before the date on the website you will get a Copy of my newly launched PHYSICAL BOOK titled – “CANADIAN VISA – Blueprint for Visit, Student, Business, Immigrant or Skilled Workers Visa” or
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Again, see a picture below:
There are so many other financial independence vehicles we teach including Web Consulting Business, Book Publishing and Printing Business, and a few others that time and space will now allow me list here.
In summary, if you have chosen business as your own vehicle to financial independence, I have listed five different types of business you can do to find financial independence, these businesses are Importation Business, Information Marketing Business, Travel Consulting Business, Web Consulting Business, and Book Publishing and Printing Business.
The proper thing to do is to FIRST LEARN the rudiments of these businesses BEFORE you venture into them, that is why I am giving you FREE PHYSICAL COPIES OF MY BOOKS on EACH of these businesses, when you order for the Training DVDs before the dates on the website.
Please let us understand each other here, don’t email, sms or call me to tell me you are seeing the offer on the date on the website so you need my books free, it does not work that way and it would be unfair to people who went ahead to order before the dates as seen on the websites. So,
If you want the books for free, Order for the DVDs before the dates on the websites  and you’ll get the books FREE.
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Let me leave you with these final thoughts as you celebrate Independence Day today – the richest people on the planet today are not people with 9-5 jobs, they are people who have braved all odds to build their own business. Start your own business today, choose any of the five financial independence vehicles discussed in this article, and START today!
Happy Independence, have a wonderful new month and click here to connect with us on FaceBook
PS: You can use this independence article on your blog as long as you don’t alter any word in it, and as long as you use this bio – “Efe Imiren is widely considered Nigerias’ leading female info-business expert. She is a trainer, speaker, consultant, author and multi-entrepreneur”.


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