Download Your Easter Gift Today – Free eBooks and MP3

Hello and welcome to todays' post

Happy Easter to you.

An Unknown Author quoted this about Easter…

"The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Joyfull living!"

Hope you have experienced this since the season began on Good Friday.

Being born around Easter means loads of work…right after the birthday, you dive into Easter preps…so after my birthday, I found time to do two things for you today:

1) Posted the pictures of our time at the Motherless Baby Homes and

2) Posted 2 New gift ebooks for you to download below:

If you missed the eBook I gave out on my birthday titled "Wealth Codes"

I have reuploaded it, you can download it.

Happy Easter

Efe Imiren
PS: Something cool is happening May 5th. I'll keep you posted on it. Cheers

Meanwhile Download the 3 Gifts waiting for you below:

Good Times As Promised

Easter eBook Gift

1) The Website Owners' Manual : How to build Profitable websites & make it easy for customers to Buy goods/services from your website

2) Wealth Codes

3) How To Write, Publish And Turn Your Book Into A Bestseller in 30 Days

4) How To Make Money Through Online Business (MP3)


  1. Thanks ma,

    The link to the wealthcodes is broken, i could'nt download it. The motherless babies home was a swell idea of giving back to the less priviledged. You're an inspiration to us all.KEEP IT UP!!

  2. Thank you, Efe for the downloads you forwarded to my mail box. I too wish you happy Easter and pray that the Blood of Jesus will remain fresh on you untill the imminent Rapture of the Saints.

    I shall work on the downloads.

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