China Tradefair Update – Why Going To China is the Next Best Business Decision You Should Make

When the news about my China visa got to me, I was already exhausted, (because getting a China Visa is no walk in the park in this country). I knew I had to visit the China Trade fair, but honestly, my excitement had thinned out.
With much motivational pep talk, I got on the plane. It was a 14hour Journey.
My first communication attempt at the Guangzhou airport was terrifying – the fellow picking me up at the airport didn’t speak one word of English!
I needed to ask for his phone number to give to a friend whom I had met on the plane, so that my friend could get through to me after getting a Chinese sim card. After 30mins of body gestures, sign language and frustrations, I let go of the attempt. My friend and I exchanged emails, and said our goodbyes at the airport.
However, I soon forgot the communication frustration when a member of the team from our China partners met me at the hotel, they spoke fluent Queen’s English. Oh what a relief, I thought to myself.
The exhaustion from the 14hour flight flew away when I got into my hotel room – they weren’t joking when they called it a 5 Star Hotel. Gosh those hotels are designed to make you literarily forget your frustrations, pains and sorrows!
I had only 20mins to shower, change and join other business men and women who were attending the China Trade Fair from different parts of the world for a business dinner.
The theme of the dinner for the first night was Chinese, while todays’ dinner was Mexican, tomorrow would be Japanese dinner, every night throughout the fair, we are to eat dinner from different countries.
Nice, but food isn’t the thing thrilling me about the fair as I write this article.
It’s the business opportunities and limitless ideas that I saw when I visited the Market today.
For example, see the picture below:
Any averagely good bag in Lagos, would cost you about N4,500. And I bet you, it won’t be real leather.
I’m not a bag enthusiast, in fact, I won’t say I care much for fashion, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy these bags when I saw them. They are real leather and guess how much I bought them at China? N2,000 each!
If I sell it for N5,000 or even N6,500, people will rush it and ask for more sef.
You can have the contact details of the buyer, its all on this blog.
If you are a paid member of the Importers Forum, login to your member’s area, I have uploaded the contact details of the seller of these bags, he will ship directly to you in Nigeria if you choose.
Let me give you another update from the trade fair before I round off todays’ article.
I was at the shoe market today, and what I saw was absolutely mind blowing. The Italian Men shoes that are sold for N15,000 and even N25,000 in Lagos were being sold for as little as N3,500. These are real Italian leather shoes.
I met the owner of one of the Italian shoe manufacturing factories (see picture below), and she explained to me that they order real leather from Italy to produce the shoes.
And you know the good news? They are ready to deal with beginners and small business owners, they are willing to cargo it by air or sea to Nigeria, and you can start by ordering just 1 dozen of shoes!
You can even team up with a friend to buy half a dozen each! Buy a N3,500 shoe and sell at N15,000 or even N25,000 – real leather, not fake.
If you are a paid member of the Importers Forum, login to your member’s area, I have uploaded the contact details of the seller of these shoes, they will ship directly to you in Nigeria if you choose, and you can start small with them.
In my next update on the China Fair, I’m going to give you updates about the jeans market, shirt market, computer and phone market. Keep your eyes on the blog.
So, why is visiting China, the best business decision for 2014? You will get products at ridiculously cheap prices you never imagined, and you can be sure to make a minimum of 300% profit on whatever you choose to import. Prepare for April 2014 China trade fair, it will change your financial life.
My friend whom I met on the plane said, “I don’t make less than 300% profit when ever I come to china, and I come every 3months.” In the meantime, start or expand your business by signing up to the importers forum, to get the contact details of real manufacturers I have been meeting and speaking with in China.
By the way, joining the importers forum is just N1,000 per month. Payment is made once annually. Click here for here bank details.


  1. Sorry I forgot. How do I become a member of the Chinese business community in Nigeria and how do I make payment. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  2. I can't believe those figures. Are they for real? But, those are about 20-50% of retail value? My, my! I wonder how much a 13-inch Dell or Toshiba laptop will cost? What an eye opener!

  3. hello madam

    i am interested in the importation business.i want to have the contact details of the manufacturing company that manufacture android tablets and android phone.i want to source the manufacturer from but am still scared i dnt know if they are genuine manufacturer or just agents possing as the manufacturer cos i want to start importing this tablets and phones in large quantity and i want it branded in my own name.cos our company wants to introduce it into nigerian market.please if you can link me up to the manufacturers of the tablets i will be grateful


  4. This sounds so good and real. Am certainly interested in starting up my small business,but I really don't know which one to lay my hands on. Plsssss,put me through!

    Thank you alot

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