China Importation Secrets Part 3

Agriculture (69,033)
Nuts & Kernels Plant & Animal Oil …

Apparel (259,698)
Jackets T-Shirts …

Automobile (168,244)
Auto Parts Motorcycles …

Business Services (89,891)
Logistics Services Consulting …

Chemicals (99,447)
Rubber & Products Fine Chemicals …

Computer Hardware & Software (149,069)
Hardware Components Peripherals …

Construction & Real Estate (315,068)
Flooring & Tiles Pipe & Fittings …

Electrical Equipment & Supplies (165,205)
Wires, Cables, Cable Assemblies …

Electronic Components & Supplies (31,956)
Active Components …

Energy (7,373)
Petroleum & Products …

Environment (8,354)
Recycling Water Treatment …

Excess Inventory (3,188)
Apparel Stock …

Fashion Accessories (307,071)
Baby Shoes …

Food & Beverage (46,841)
Aquatic Products Beverages …

Furniture & Furnishings (265,655)
Home Furniture Outdoor Furniture … General Industrial Equipment (57,734)
Air-Separators Boilers …

General Mechanical Components (82,403)
Bearings …

Gifts & Crafts (237,562)
Candles Holiday Gifts & Decoration …

Hardware (139,002)
Brackets Clamps …

Health & Beauty (129,764)
Personal Care …
Home Appliances (191,822)
Air-conditioner …

Home Supplies (398,564)
Garden Supplies Bath & Toilet …

Lights & Lighting (98,709)
Lighting Fixtures Lighting Bulbs & Tubes …

Luggage, Bags & Cases (145,404)
Handbags, Wallets & Purses …

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery (85,514)
Apparel Machinery …

Measurement & Analysis Instruments (29,941)
Analyzers …

Minerals, Metals & Materials (134,904)
Iron & Steel …

Office Supplies (126,691)
Stationery Photography & Optics

Packaging & Paper (121,269)
Paper & Paper Products Packaging Materials …

Printing & Publishing (20,005)
CDs, Records & Tapes …

Security & Protection (61,572)
Fire-fighting Safety Products …

Shoes & Accessories (161,127)
Baby Shoes …

Sports & Entertainment (277,458)
Camping Pet & Products …

Telecommunications (235,718)
Mobile Phones, Accessories & Parts …

Textiles & Leather Products (144,571)
Bedding Chemical Fabrics …

Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear (183,123)
Watches Eyewear Clocks Jewelry …

Tools (83,120)
Agricultural & Gardening Tools …

Toys (77,760)
Electrical Toys Stuffed & Plush Toys …

Transportation (54,470)
Bicycles Boats & Ships …


These companies also include those from different parts of the world like USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, and many more!

Companies like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Amazon etc all have their business manufacturing from china and importing into their own countries.

Why are these companies from these countries rushing to China to manufacture their goods?

1. China has a population that’s eager to work for cheap. There’s no need for the company to worry about paying huge salaries.

2.  The Chinese work hard too. Very hard.

It’s plain old commonsense, If you owned a company and you could use a willing worker whom you can pay slightly lesser, and by doing so, you spend less and make more when you sell your product.

Now let’s talk about . . .

The Internet

The emergence of the internet has made getting into the very lucrative importing business very easy.

These days, there’s no need to go to China to source your products. Now you can simply, browse company websites from your computer screen and pay the exact products you want from right there.

Recently, my company Bio-Lab Naturals ordered a ton of Sodium Hydrate, otherwise known as Saccharine from a company in China.

I never visited China to buy this product. I simply found the company on a website I’ll give you later. Our company paid for it and had it sent via Air Cargo.

We cleared it and sold it all in about two weeks. It cost about =N=600,000 for all of this and made a profit of about =N= 1,200,000 naira after expenses. Bingo.

And Guess What?

Some other countries are now also giving manufacturers in their countries incentives. Due to the explosion of the manufacturing industry in China, it has made the economies of some other countries slow down, leading to job losses.

In other to stop this, their governments have given their manufacturers incentives like tax reductions, free access to funds etc.

This has enabled them to at least catch up with China to an extent. They have also been able to drastically reduce their expense and can now manufacture goods cheaply!

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose To Start an Importing Business


1. It’s easy.

Look around you. Almost everything you see, buy and use is now made in China.

Your phone, to your toothbrush to the fancy gold band on your finger, perhaps even your toothpicks, they’re all made in China now. And contrary to popular opinion, not all Chinese products are fake. Chinese factories produce according to specification. That is, they produce exactly what you want them to produce.

You want something authentic and durable, they’ll make it. And if you want fake, they’ll make you fake.

Unlike in the past, the importing business has become very very easy to get into. All you need is expert knowledge and an internet connection. Finish!


2. It’s cheap and extremely profitable

Most products you can import from overseas, China, USA, India etc can be sourced for very little amounts of money and sold at very high prices, many times at up to 3,000% profit!

Most products can be sourced for as low as $.0.32 cents (=N=53.44). Some for $1 (=N=167). Some for $7 (=N=1169), or $10 (=N=1670).

Here’s a classic example.

My Company, Bio-Life imported this sex toy. It’s called Penis Enlarger, and aims at helping men increase the size and width of their penis, so they and their partners can enjoy sex more.

See? Bought for $7 (=N=1169) and sold it for =N=15,000 each! On each one (=N=53.44)e made a profit of =N=13,831!

Another example is the Sodium Hydrate (Saccharine) I showed you earlier we got for $4 (=N=668) per kilogram, and sold it here in Nigeria for =N=2,505 per kilogram).

Here’s yet another product we imported. It’s the Rechargeable Television.





We bought each one for $100 (=N=16,700) and sold it for $250 (=N=41,750). That’s 150% gain on each!

Other things we’ve imported and sold and still made a lot of money selling them include Inverters, Mini-Laptops, etc.

Now on to the third reason why you should start an import business. . .


3. You can start from as low as =N=50,000 to as high as you want!

Another reason why this business is so good is you don’t need a lot of money to start, In fact, you can actually get started with as little as =N=50,000 and make as much as 700% – 3000% profits or more.

I have a friend, who lost his job and needed something to do. He came to me I showed him how to start this business and after we did our research, he decided to start with colourful Blackberry Phone covers.

We found a supplier online which suited his budget (he had only =N=50,000 to start with).


A week later, we found a reseller here in Nigeria who bought them off him for =N= 500 each, netting him a profit of =N=363.06 naira on each one! (By the way, he didn’t have to pay any custom duties on this import. I’ll tell why later).

All 300 of them were sold and he made over =N= 108,918 in profits!

Wouldn’t you too like to make this kind of profits?

Here Are Some Fellow Nigerians Who Are Making Insane Profits Importing Products From China, USA, Italy etc.



Mr. Dipo Tepede,

Mr. Obinna Amadi, ObiAmad Enterprises

Olumide Shitta,

Wouldn’t you like be like these guys above?

If your answer is yes,

You Need To Know One Important Fact!

You can actually try to emulate them and start your own import business. You can go online and do a little search and in a few seconds be inundated with millions of pages of information that show you how to start an import business from scratch.

And if you do this, you’ll most likely fail!

Do I wish you bad luck?

Am a ‘bad belly’ who doesn’t want anyone’s progress?

Far from it. I actually want you to succeed when you start this business otherwise I would have written this report and sent it to you.

The reason why I say that is I know for a fact that 93% of people who start an import business fail. They fail because they out-rightly ignore the first un-written rule of importing which is. . .

The Devil Is In What You Do Not Know. . .

Believe me, no matter what you learn from searching Google, there a lot of hidden secrets you do not know about this business that if you ignore and don’t use daily, will eventually destroy you.

Secrets like. . .

* How to Flawlessly Import Millions In Products From China
* How To Get China, USA and European Factories To Private Label Their Products For You. (They will put any name you want on the product, effectively giving you your personal brand name!)
* How To Pick The Best Products To Import From China
* How To Source Chinese Products From The Canton Fair (Do you know vhat it is?)
* How a Guy That Doesn’t Speak a Word of Chinese Can Import $1,000,000 in Products From China
* How To Make Chinese Manufactures Give You Rock Bottom Prices
* How To Get 100
s Of Free Samples From Chinese Factories
* How to Get 60% off Sea and Air Freight From China
* How To Get Free Items From Your Chinese Factories
* How to Make =N=1,169 Every Time You Dash/Give Away a =N=50 Cent Item.
* How To Source Products From China On Your Computer Without Travelling
* How To Import From China In Micro Small Quantities
* How Chinese Brokers Will Rip You Off and How To Prevent This From Happening
* How To Sell Everything You Import On The Internet

*How To Avoid Paying for Custom Duties ever.

You see there’s a lot you need to learn to succeed in this business.

The Good News Is

You can learn it. It’s easy once we point it out to you.

That’s why we decided to showcase a training program designed especially for you read more about it below.

We will take you by the hand and lead you to success. We will reveal everything we’ve learnt about this business and speak right from our experience in the last 3-4 years.

A Note of Warning Though!

Because we are extremely busy people, we have decided to limit this training to just 50 folks.

This is going to be a hands-on training and we want to be responsible for the success or otherwise of every person who will attend.

Of course, only those who desire a strong and lasting change in their financial status starting this year need apply.

Here’s what we’ll do for the attendees

When you attend our Import Success Golden Keys Training on Saturday, March 24th, 2012, we’ll. . .

·         Work with you for a further 4 weeks to make sure you get all the pieces and moves right.

·         Help you determine the best products to import based on your current budget

·         You’ll get a 12-week email mentorship course which will help smoothen out any grey areas you don’t understand.

·         You’ll get our direct phone lines so you can call us anytime for suggestions, answers and advice.

Obviously we can’t do this for everybody.

We are extremely busy and have our own businesses to attend to. That’s why we are limiting this to just 50 people.

If you’re serious about becoming rich with importation, be sure you’re among the first 50 people who apply for our personalized training.

Below, we have explained all the details of our training, read it up and make your decision. Let’s show you the way to Importing Riches just as we have done others.

Are you ready to change your life starting right now? Then read the training letter below. . .

But Wait!

What if you decide not to come for our training and decide to go for it on your own?

·         You’ll do nothing because you’ll be afraid to lose your money and afraid you fail

·         You’ll get duped. If they see you’re not a Pro, they’ll treat you like a novice and cheat you blind, because after all you don’t even know they’re cheating on you.

·         You’ll simply limp along and learn the business over the next few years – Big education cost

Is the shortcut, which is coming for our training worth =N=35,000. . . You bet it is.

This is the easiest money you’ll ever make apart from owning an oil well.

Start making money from importing today. Start your own importing business and become wildly rich.



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