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4 Ways To Make Progress in 2015

How is your New Year coming out so far?

Let’s examine.

Did you know that as of January 15, 95% of the people who have made a New Year Resolution have broken it already?

Most people don't even make resolutions because they get disappointed year after year that they don't follow through.

That's because resolutions are just “wish lists”.

In the New Year, people want a fresh start. They want to make things better and be happier.

Getting new things is not going to make us happy–not money, not a new relationship, not even a new job.

The real secret to happiness is progress…

That's why since 2015 began I have consistently talked to you about FOUR game-changing packages that we have put together for you to help you Progress in the area of Business, Finance and Travel…

These offers Close Finally THIS Friday – 30th January, 2015. In case you missed all my previous mails, here are details of How to Progress with these FOUR offers in 2015:

Progress By Becoming a Partner in Importers Buyers Forum

Joining the Importers Buyers Forum before the 30th January Closing date is your invitation to Share the risk in importation business, enhance your chances of success in the business, pick winning and

Profitable products to import, do business with like minds, Raise the buying power of your capital by 400%, Harness the power of bulk purchase and Buy original products direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom factory wholesale prices with as little as N50,000 capital investment

There are four levels including Platinum, Gold, Independent and Sapphire Buyers Forum. Read full "How To Join Details" at

Progress By Becoming a Partner With ServiceForts Travels Ltd, Managers of

Travel Industry is BIG and we need partners to deliver our visa-breakthough packages into more hands.

This is a Billion-Naira industry and we have people quietly making millions monthly in this business. These are not made up figures. Take a look at the statistics yourself on our website:

Words are not being minced when we say that you can Earn N450,000 Monthly as a TravelForts Partner and Become A Virtual Travel and Tour Business Operator if you follow our partnership principles to the letter.

Make progress in 2015 with an established Travel Business by becoming a TravelForts Partner. Remember this opportunity to become a partner closes This Friday 30th January 2015. Read full "How To Join Details" at

Progress In Your Online Selling, Managing Your Websites and Dealing with Techincal Issues Concerning Internet and Information Marketing

When you begin an online business, the things you need to learn are many and very technical. Those who know these things charge enormous tutorial fees to teach you.

The one-day-seminars that are organized to teach these things are not in-depth enough to get you started and the most annoying part is when you decide to reduce your training expenses by going for ebooks that teach you how to do these technical things, you discover that the books are not well written and leave you more confused than ever.

This is why the Process DVD was created in 2010. For 5 years, I have annually reviewed and updated the Process DVD to help technically challenged Online Entrepreneurs and Infopreneurs. The DVD is only available in 50 copies and once a year only.

Only 20 copies are left so far and they will all be gone before or by 30th January 2015.

Click here to see why you can't afford to operate your business on the internet in 2015 without the Process DVD –

Progress In The Area of Visit, Study, Work and Migrate Abroad

Whether it's for Business, Vacation, Honeymoon, Holiday, Work, Study or to Stay abroad; people will make mistakes and will get their fingers burnt in their bid to travel in 2015.

Why must you be one of them when you can avoid that trap?

During my consulting session last Wednesday, I heard interesting stories, a client didn't know how to go about applying for US visa via drop box, and eventually got denied, a husband wanted to travel with his pregnant wife and got denied a visa as a result of applying for the wrong visa.

A business man got denied a Business Investment visa because of mis-guided information, a student got denied a Canadian visa for making a simple yet stupid mistake…all manner of stories.

You can position yourself for a different result by taking advantage of any of the 10 Travel Offers on the TravelForts website before it closes This Friday 30th January 2015

These include:

** Study Abroad DIY Package
** China Importers Trade Fair Application
** Dubai Importers One Week Market Trip
** China Visa Only Service

** Study Abroad Apply4Me Service: Sweden, Luitiana, Cyprus, Singapore, Germany and Saudi Arabia

** Dubai Importers GuideBook
** Your First Trip To China GuideBook
** US Visa GuideBook

** Major Country Visa GuideBooks For
** 2015 Visa Application Processing
** Work Abroad Travel Programs
** 2015 Easter, Summer and Honeymoon Travel Deals

See,  If you want to make progress in 2015 you have to take control. Not just hope that it will work out.

Here is your opportunity to take control of the Business, Finance and Travel areas of life and follow a path that's already responsible for creating Thriving Business Millionaires and Successful Visa, Migrate and Study Abroad Applicants.

Visit Any of these FOUR website to take Charge of Progress in 2015:

** Importers Buyers Forum

** TravelForts Partners

** Process DVD for Online Business Owners

** Visit. Live. Work. Business. Study. Migrate Abroad Programs

Have a Progressive Week.


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Success Digest Invites Efe Imiren To Train Participants On Travel Business

Date: 21st June 2014, Time: 10am, Fees: N15,000

For registration details, you can do either of the following  Read More…

It’s My Birthday and I’m Thankful

That time of the year is here

It's my birthday!


I'm grateful to God for the gift of Life, and that I have you my susbscrbers who read my newsletters.

I'm planning to give out some gifts to Read More…