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7 Pillars of Business Success Part 1

No matter the kind of business you are in, all entrepreneurs are driven towards the SAME and ONE goal only – Results.
Whether you are a Book seller, Plantain seller, fashion blogger, Ice cream merchant, Importer, internet marketer, information marketer or farmer, we all work towards ONE goal – RESULTS.
This is what keeps you and I as business owners awake all through the night. Better Results. Better Sales. Profits.
Now, what is a successful business you might ask?
Following a few searches, I’d prefer to define a successful business as a system of consciously coordinated activities or efforts structured and managed to meet a need (or to pursue collective goals) that consistently makes current patronizers (customers) happy, and gets new patronizers, while earning a profit.
In other words, you have a successful business (hence RESULTS) when you meet needs, make current customers happy, consistently get new customers and make a decent profit while at it. It does not matter if your business is Online, Offline, or a combination of both the online and offline world.
Therefore, as an entrepreneur if your business is not actively and progressively meeting needs, keeping current customers happy and turning in a decent profit – on an increasing or multiplication level – then you are surely going to have a hard time sleeping at night.
In my few years as an entrepreneur, I have come to discover pillars (support-structure) that must be built into your “coordinated business activities” for you to experience success i.e. progressive results (profits); and I’ll share seven of them with you below:
Product Creation:
I have met people who want to do business and have no idea of what products they want to offer to customers. Listen, a business is a system of consciously coordinated activities structured to meet a need.
Business has enabled me meet all manner of business folks, I have met an importer who doesn’t know what products to import from China or Turkey, an internet marketer who does not know what product they want to sell on their website, a shop owner who does not know what goods to stock in the shop, attendees of our importation business seminar who have absolutely no idea of what products to import, attendees of our book publishing business who don’t know what books to write, even attendees of our travel consulting business seminars who still wonder what travel products they want to offer to customers.
As in, really?
The matter with these people is that they are thinking only from the point of money. If you ever find yourself asking the question of “what do I sell or what is moving in the market”, then stop yourself in your tracks and turn the question around – instead ask – “what do my customers want”?
(Notice I said what they want. what they want is more important to your business success than what they need; because, if your customers need it but don’t want it, they won’t pay for it. So give them what they want, so long as delivering what they want does not make you a menace to the society. E.g. some people want cocaine but just because they want it does not make it legal for you to open shop to supply at least as at the time of this write upget the drift?)
“what is their problem and how can I solve it”? “What is giving them sleepless nights and what can I offer them as working solutions?
Asking those “customer-centric-questions” will help you decide on the kind of products or services to offer your clients.
As you do know, successful entrepreneurs keep offering new products, so as you keep working to expand your business by offering new products, ask those “customer-centric-questions” and get them answered before you launch your next big product.
Trust me, it works, that’s one way to prevent your product from failing in the market, it’ll save you heart aches and set back. Even if it doesn’t save you, it’ll minimize your aches, ‘cos a successful business is dependent on a lot of pillars (support-structures). And this leads me to the next pillar:
The Process: I’m writing this article at 11:43pm almost mid-night, so I’ll stop here and continue in the next post. Keep a date.
PS: I’d really like to get to know you; my readers, it may be impossible to meet every body, on a one-on-one basis, but at least you can introduce your-self here below,
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