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4 Biggest Challenges of Doing Business On The Internet In Nigeria

The 4 Biggest Challenges of Doing Business On The Internet In Nigeria And How To Solve Them
Barely 3 months into corporate life, Ada knew she wasn’t cut out to carry files from door to door, continuously repeating “yes sah”, “yes mah” every day. It just wasn’t the life she imagined. She wasn't born for that and she knew it.

     So Ada put her entrepreneurial mind to work and started reading relevant magazines and attending trainings that could lead to the business that would fit her aspirations, lifestyle, and dreams. Then she found it. It had a strange name. She had never heard it before. But life changed when she understood it.
Information Marketing Business on the Internet.
Information marketing business is the entrepreneurial pursuit of an innovative opportunity in knowledge transfer. It is the closing of a knowledge gap for the profiting of the recipient first, then the entrepreneur, and ultimately the society.
The practitioners of Information marketing business are the custodians of un-orthodox solutions to everyday challenges that face the society. Therefore, whether it is the year 1999, 2000, 2015 or 2050, information marketing business will continue to be relevant and profitable – as long as society, people and challenges exist.

Information marketers close knowledge gaps through activities such as publishing, trainings, coaching and mentorships in the informal sector. The practice of this business is classified within the information-publishing and communications industry under the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

Given that practitioners of this business have the opportunity to impact and profit at the same time, the important questions here and now are– Where do YOU fit in, how can you become a relevant practitioner in this business, What are the major challenges of doing this business on the internet and how can you deal with these problems?
Our article, published online at ServiceForts Business Academy Website titled  “Is Internet and Information Marketing Business Still A Profitable, Viable and Sensible Business To Make Money From in 2015” shows how one can build a comfortable life style around pursing innovative entrepreneurial opportunities in the world of knowledge transfer.
The follow up articles and webinarthat further show you how you can make the most profitable use of your venture into this business which are published on our blog and includes – The 3 Most Profitable Business Niches in Business, How To Get Paid Premium Prices In This Business and How To Become Highly Sought After In Your Chosen Niche and the Four Biggest Challenges of Doing Business on The Internet and How To Solve Them.
The point is, information marketing business is an entrepreneurial activity. It is a Business. Hence, depending on your academic definition, it IS the practice of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. As we all know, one way out of unemployment, under-employment, low income, poverty and the feeling of uselessness is – the vehicle of Entrepreneurship. Arguable too, Entrepreneurship is one way you can fulfil destiny and positively impact your world.

Therefore, if you are ready to transfer your existing knowledge, experience and expertise to help others solve their own pressing problems, turn your passion into tangible and profitable entrepreneurial activity and join the “few” elite entrepreneurs silently contributing to the nation’s economic development, disrupting traditional business, making profit, building comfortable and interesting lifestyles – all in one sweep; then the upcoming 2 Days Webinar on Internet and Information Marketing Business Training (IIMBET 2015) is your invitation from ServiceForts Business Academy to come discover how to succeed, impact and profit in this interesting business.
Here is what you stand to gain and learn from the 2 Days webinar with ServiceForts Business Academy:

·         The Right Way To Practice Information Marketing Business Profitably
·         The Biggest Challenge of doing business on the internet
·         The 4 Biggest Headaches of Business people and how to deal with it
·         Social Media and Business Growth
·         Innovative Marketing Techniques for Start-Up Entrepreneurs
·         How to Locate the people who will buy from you on the internet
·         How to Make Clients buy from you in a frenzy
·         How do to cope with all the technical stuff and not go broke or crazy
·         How To Identify What Will Sell in Business
·         Innovation and Idea Generation Techniques for Information Marketing
·         Product Creation and Development
·         Technology and Customer Communication Tools for Information Marketers
·         Making Sales, Tracking Sales and Making Profit
·         High Powered Profiteering Techniques in Information Marketing Business
·         Branding, Integrity and Sustaining Your Business
·         Understanding Joint Ventures for Information Marketing Business
·         Online Business Management for Startup Entrepreneurs
·         How To Stay Relevant in the Future doing Business on the internet
Plus after you have attended the LIVE webinar, the recoded webinar videos, resource materials, bonuses and DVDs will be delivered to your Home/Office Address by Courier anywhere you are located in Nigeria.
How To Register for the Webinar:
There are Two Ways to register for the Webinar
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For contact details – click here to visit our website

You owe it to yourself to find out how you can tap into this exciting business opportunity today. Click here to register now.

Credits: The definition of Information marketing is from Efe Imirens’ published books on Information Marketing Business. These books and others are available online at , at ServiceForts offices and at book stores nationwide.

Is Starting a Business Online Really Profitable?

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If you are reading this article, it means you are interested in the phenomenon called: "Business on the Internet"

Ever since internet came to Nigeria, business has been redefined. Within 24 hours, you
can set up shop (online) and become an – entrepreneur. Just like that!

People have called it all sorts of names including – Internet business, online business, information marketing, affiliate marketing, google AdSense, CPA, network marketing online, social media marketing, website design, etc.

Whichever nomenclature you decide upon, business online is plagued with the same frustrations of  offline business – CASH FLOW.

Every week I receive phone calls, emails and text messages asking about this
business issue, that you also have thought about. It’s something like this:
"Hello, I am new to everything about making money online. But I want to ask you
people before I do anything that can waste my time.

I have seen a lot of "Products/books" that say make N150,000 or N450,000 per month.

My question is can someone really make money from websites? And by money I mean a living like at least N150,000 per month? Is it possible?

For a person like me who only own his skills and time, What is the best making money online method I should focus on? internet marketing? information marketing? Affiliate? AdSense? What exactly??

One more thing, I know web design but does it make me some real cash? Or just some extras? Thanks in advance""

Here are some replies that have been sent to those who ask these questions:

Reply 1
Yes, it is possible.

However, you should focus on turning your ideas into reality instead of having to set a figure in mind. If you do things primarily for money, chances are you'll fail or you won't reach the level you want. You have to have the right motivation. Click here to register for the upcoming 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Training.

Reply 2
I've been making money online for a number of years selling my own products and others as an affiliate, but like anything you have to take action and advertise everyday and you will make sales. Click here to register for the upcoming 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Training.

Reply 3
All of these ideas are good. Anything that promises N50,000 PER DAY or more is
probably a get rich scam or will take a lot of money for traffic. Click here to register for the upcoming 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Training.

Reply 5
Yes it is absolutely possible. Your income will vary from month to month but it is possible. Find something you like to do and work hard with it. Don't expect any sort of click button solutions and most importantly… When something doesn't work… Don't give up. Keep moving! Click here to register for the upcoming 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Training.

Reply 6
Ok now, if you select the 1st or 2nd option which are most online marketers have jumped in to, and many failed and some made millions.

Those who failed will say it is a myth.

And those who made millions will say nothing.

So, if you want to jump in to this IM (Internet Marketing/Information Marketing) and
want to be succeed you need this 3 things:

Consider this as a business, as in normal business you need investment for the tools and set up your business, so in IM you need some money for set up your business.

No business will ever generate instant income unless it is a monopoly, so it takes some time to be succeeded so you need to be patience and work to achieve your goals.

In real business you must have some knowledge and skills to set up and run a business venture right; it is also true in IM also. So you need to know what works now in IM and
how it works and why it works. Click here to register for the upcoming 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Training

My suggestions

a) Start this IM business as part time and after you have enough knowledge and taste some success then consider this as full time business.

b) Get a mentor who have experience in IM and guide you to become successful

c) Do not fall into every shiny object which is popping all over the internet.

If I need to say in simple words how you can be succeed online, I will say; you need:

A efficient plan or method. Then stick to this plan until you succeed even if you fail (because failure is the steps to your success)


Is this enough or you need more training? Then attend then complete your registration for the 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Expo Training (IIMBET-2015). Click here to register for the upcoming 2 Days Annual Internet and Information Marketing Business Training

How To Register MANUALLY for IIMBET 2015

Step 1: Text your Name + GSM + Email + Code “IIMBET-2015” + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011

Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay your N19,500 (nineteen thousand, five hundred naira only for the 2 Days program), If you are paying before 19th June 2015.

Payment Before or By 19th June is  – N19,500
All payments after 19th June is    – N25,000.

(If you are UNABLE to attend and want the video delivered to your address anywhere in Nigeria, add N3,500 for courier, it will be delivered to your address by DHL/UPS anywhere in Nigeria.

Payment before 19th June is N19,500 + N3,500
Payment after 19th June is N25,000 + N3,500)

We also Accept Online Transfer, ATM Transfer, Quick-teller Payments and all forms of verifiable bank-to-bank payments

Account Name: ServiceForts Business Academy
GTBanK: 0011412778 or FirstBank: 2016791231

Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Name of Bank Paid to + Amount Paid + Date Paid + code “IIMBET 2015” + Delivery Address (if you paid for courier) to payments [@] title of Email MUST BE “PAID for IIMBET-2015”.

If you have any questions – post them below this article.

ServiceForts Business Academy Team

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