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Importing From Dubai – Free Guidebook Download

Dubai is “The Place”; “The City”; “Da Bomb”. Luxury at affordable price. I mean L-U-X-U-R-Y.

Before this trip, I used to think I was a boring shopper. In fact, if you and I happen to go shopping together, you’d wish you had left me at home – ever heard of the military shopping approach? – You get into the store – with a “todo” list- do a quick scan of the store, pick your items sharply, pay and go. Chikena. That was the  style until Dubai – Lol

Gwaaad – We spent H-O-U-R-S touring stores and buying nearly everything our eyes fell upon. How we go ship or cargo and clear our goods?? – That’s another story for those on the importers forum.

So todays article is really about sharing with you information that Read More…

New Contact To Cargo Your Goods From China

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been getting emails from forum members about the dificulty being faced with shipping their goods (especially phones) from China.

Well one of our Forum members, who went with us to the April 2014 China Trade Fair, discovered a new contact for Shipping your goods.

According to our forum member (she will introduce her self below and tell us about her experience in China) this is how it works:

Shipping of goods = $4.80 per Kilo Read More…

Three Ways To Find A Profitable Chinese Manufacturer Today

To Ignore China in your business today, is to ignore opportunity. It’s no big secret that more than 40% of the worlds’ production now takes place in China. It’s most likely that the paper you will use in your office today was made in China, the chair you are seating on or the device with which you are reading this article right now has a component that was manufactured in China.

With China in your business plan, there is opportunity everywhere. Especially for you as an importer, business man, business woman and entrepreneur. As a beginner in the importation business, finding a profitable Chinese manufacturer is a key to the success of your business. Read More…