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Courier Services For Importers

1. Of the two contacts you gave, which would you consider the most reliable and trustworthy? Both are reliable, you can contact Marry

2. Courier service to deliver the samples has been a major issue. Please which courier service can one use that is both reliable and cost effective? Reliable Courier services has been listed in the Importers Forum

3. What’s the most reliable means of payment when transacting with them? Usually for import business an LC will serve to protect both parties but in this case the amount is too small for that kind of financing arrangement. I asked one of the sellers if they use an escrow but he said no. Asked me to send money via Western Union Bank transfer or Escrow Account. If doing bank transfer don’t pay more than 30 to 40% the rest they get after delivery

Home Decor Importation Business

I actually want to be importing ‘glass vases’ for home decor. They’re not going to be ordinary vases, but gigantic colorful ones. (Like an adult’s average height). I would love them to have block bases molded for them, with colorful glass petals to put in them.
1. Will the quantity I’m starting with going to be determined by the manufacturers or my budget? (most manufacturers have a minimum order quantity, though you can order samples to start with)

2. Will I be allowed to give my desired specs for the products? (yes, in fact, I normally advise you have your specs well written out)
3. If it’s going to be according to my budget, what will it cost to ship in the first fifty? (shipping cost will be determined by mode of transport, weight of product and how fast you intend to receive your goods)

4. I have a registered company, can my goods be customized with my company’s name? (absolutely yes)

5. Can you please give me an insight into what the shipping fees will be like? (I may be unable to give exact figures but you may be looking at $15 per kilo in some cases)