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FAQ: Importation Business and Importers Buyer Forum

Question: What is the Importers Buyer Forum?
Answer: The Importers buyers’ forum is a short-cut to starting your importation business. If you already have an importation business, it’s a forum for discovering and dealing in fast-hot-moving and profitable products. The forum enables you as an importer to buy products direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom prices using your limited capital through the power of bulk purchase.
Question: What do they do in the forum?
Answer: At the buyers’ forum, you are paired in a small-focused group of like-minded buyers, you pool resources together for bulk purchase of a hot fast-moving product so that you can buy direct from manufacturers / suppliers at rock-bottom wholesale/factory price.
Question: I don’t live in Lagos, how can I benefit from this?
Answer: You don’t have to live in Lagos to participate in the forum. Our meetings take place through mobile meeting spaces such as skype, whatsapp, BBGroup, chats and emails
Question: I’m old school, I don’t know how to use all these mobile meeting things
Answer: The world is mobile and digital already, incorporate it into your lifestyle biko
Question: Do you expect people to pay their capital and membership forum fee into ServiceForts accounts without seeing the person they are paying to in person and physical form?
Answers: First of all, the forum was initially created to cater for only those who have participated in our Importation business seminars in the past – click here to read details.
However, we opened it up this time because of the influx of requests we are getting from people who asked us to import on their behalf. Also, our office is open Mondays-Fridays, 9am-5pm, you can walk in to make inquiries click here for our office address
Question: How am I sure my payments are safe with you?
Answer: It's hard to trust anyone online if you have not done a background check. We have taught business opportunities through our business school for over 8 years online, with our books, seminars and home-study packages, details of which you can read by clicking here . You can also visit our office for inquries, you’ll find our address on all our websites.
Question: The application form to join the forum states that only a limited number of people will be allowed to join the group forum with their money. So how am I sure that more than that number of people have not already joined and no other persons is eligible to join? Also if more than the number of people have already joined and I make my own payments, what happens to my payment?
Answer: You are free to confirm from the office if there is still a spot for you before you make payments.
Question: How do I join the Importers Buyers Forum?
Answer: Click here to follow the payment and registration instructions

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First let me tell you the latest about getting into China. If you are in the habit of patronizing touts for visa, biko, going forward – be on your guard. The Chinese have tightened their security check at the point of entry.
They scan your passport thoroughly to ensure you are presenting a genuine and not fake visa.
In fact, if you are black and hold a green passport, your passport will get extra checks. If you hold a virgin passport, as in you have not travelled before – beg your agent in the name of your God to ensure that the visa issued to you is not fake. Else, you are Read More…

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