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7 Businesses You Can Profit From in 2014

1) Importation Business:
Holiday Shoppers spent $12.1 Billion Dollars on Products (Manufactured from China) on the 24th of December 2013. Part of the money that shoppers will spend this year can be yours, if you position yourself and arm yourself with the right knowledge this year.
China. The worlds manufacturing country, a country that thrives in selling mystique and the dream of a billion customers. Having surpassed Britain as the worlds' 4th largest economy, foreign companies flock to China to Buy cheaply manufactured goods for unbeatable profits.
As exciting and as interesting as the Importation Business is, you can get your fingers badly burnt without the right information and guidance.
Here's your opportunity for first-hand guidance into the lucrative world of Read More…

The Best Way I Know To Succeed In Business Online

Every famous person in the world today has something to SELL –
Pastors (The Word), Footballers (Skill), Authors (Books), Musicians (Songs), Politicians (Ideologies); etc.
Everyone who is somebody and who matters in the world today IS *successfully* selling Something.
If this is the case, what makes you think you doing business online is exempted from this rule of financial cash flow and business success?
If you have been reading my articles and emails for any length of time, then you would have heard me say that Information Marketing Business is the business of selling.
It is the business of selling your knowledge about your Passion, Idea, Talent, Hobby, Expertise, Existing or New Business in exchange for boatloads of cash using the internet and offline resources.
What this simply means to you is that you need to master the art of selling. You need to master the art of selling with words. Any meaningful thing that is accomplished in the world today is done so through words.
For example, Read More…

Start Your Own Business Today And Take Control of Your Future

If you can’t imagine a Monday morning at a swimming pool instead of being in a hurry to get to work in heavy traffic, pay attention to reading this article without disturbance.

Last week, 23rd May to be precise, I again began gyming, not because I had any weight to loose but because I’ve simply got to keep fit and thanks to my new role as the Vacations Direction (for TravelForts’ 7Days Bahamas Cruise Offers) I sure as heaven want to ensure I can swim while crisscrossing the Atlantic ocean on exotic cruises! Me joining the gym and taking swimming lessons isn’t the point here, there’s a lesson of life I’m about to show you in the next paragraphs…
As you can possibly imagine, it was a very cold morning because it rained caterpillars and bulldozers the previous day. As I showed up to gym classes that morning, I noticed something…I was in the midst of mums and dads, most of them 50 and above and as you can further imagine, they wondered what a young gal was doing at the gym instead of rushing to work like her ‘mates’…
ultimately, they wanted to know exactly what I do for a living…I smiled and told them – I’m a multifaceted Entrepreneur…being a successful entrepreneur affords me the life style thousands of others only dream about…and I am here to offer you the same information, knowledge and empowerment that would help you begin your own business, be your own boss and take absolute control of your life – snatch your life from the hands of – poverty, joblessness, job dissatisfaction, under-employmentby attending our upcoming seminars in Lagos, Abuja, Warri. Read the time-table below:

Workshop/Training Title

Registration Closing Date

Seminar Date

Seminar Venue, Course Details and Course Fees

Importation Business Workshop and Training





13th  June 2013

15th  June 2013


20th  June 2013

22nd June 2013


27th  June 2013

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Travel Consulting Business Training





6th June 2013

8th June 2013


4th July 2013

6th July 2013

There is no more excuse for you to keep failing, or to keep working at the job you dislike, or to remain jobless because now you don’t have to travel all the way down to Lagos to get the information you need to create for yourself a successful business that gives you the financial freedom you deserve. We are coming to you, live in Abuja and Warri..I really don’t know when we will have something like this again, so register to attend right now!
One more thing: forget about the 20kobo seminars that you see being peddled around by one-chance seminar promoters. ServiceForts Seminars is a recognized Business Academy established for the sole passionate purpose of showing you every single thing you need to begin a business that will genuinely put food on your table, money in your pocket and earn you the respect you deserve in your spheres of contact. Click here to Register today: