Are You Truly Independent?

Back in the days as a student in the University, I had always thought in my mind that I would become a financially independent adult, because I understood early that money was a tool for controlling – events, the way things turn out and some challenges of life.
It can determine the outcome of an event, the worth of your “wise words” in a gathering and so many other things in life, and it can influence decisions in your favour.
So early in life, I purposed in my heart that not only will I NOT be financially dependent on my parents, aunts and uncles, I told myself that by the time l left my twenties, no employer would be calling the shots over how I get to use my time.
Exactly at the age of 29, I became an employer with registered businesses, and most importantly, no parent, aunt or uncle called the shots over my financial life – I had become financially independent. That’s years ago now.
Being Financially free means different things to different people, for some people it means, having regular income to take 3 square meals daily, for others it means being able to travel to any part of the world without thinking once about the expenses, for some people it means being able to send their children to the best world class institutions in the world, for others it means being able to live a comfortable life in old age, for me in my twenties it meant being able to spend money without looking to my parents, aunts, uncles or my employer, the meaning of financial independence changes for some people with time and age – what does financial independence mean to you?
So why am I telling you and asking you these questions?
Today is Nigeria’s independence day, a day to celebrate the opportunity we got to be free from colonial masters, a day we as a nation were given the opportunity to make decisions of our own, to call the shots over the way our lives and destinies turn out as a Nation.
Our government has done an extensive campaign to remind you and I that – We are Nigeria. That is – You reading this article, You are Nigeria and I am Nigeria. So the question is this –  
“if you and I are Nigeria, and you have not reached your dream of financial independence would you say that YOU (Nigeria) are truly independent??”
Depending on your interpretation of financial independence, there are various roads and paths leading to financial independence. For some people, it is a good music career, for some people it is becoming the CEO of a world renown company, for some people it is building houses and estates and renting it out, for others it is importing and exporting business, for some people it is publishing books and becoming world class authors, different strokes for different folks, for me – the path to financial independence was to turn my ideas into viable businesses and then using the internet to build each and every one of those businesses into strong brands.
What is your own path to financial independence? If your path is using the internet to turn your ideas into viable businesses that the world is willing to pay for, stay tuned to this blog this month as I release more articles that show you how to make your dream a reality.
Happy Independence Day!


  1. Your write up and question's not only instructive buy very challenging. Like always you stir up 'something' within. THANKS, GODBLESS.

  2. Thanks for this thought provokin article. To me being financially independent means been able to settle ones bills in all aspects of human endeavour and settin up and maintaining a steady multiple streams of income

  3. You would always stune your readers and students with thought provoking articles. Keep what God has deposited in you and use it for HIS own glory and HE will give you more. For the question, being financially independent is the state of being able to solve every financial problem/need in spite of its size or time frame without anxiety or resorting to ungodly means of financial acquisition.

  4. Sir,I love?apreciate all ur ideal&vision 2raise finicia hevy weight in dis our generation,i wont 2be part&partaker in dis vision of urs.hw will i start?.and can i get admision abroad?i need ur help and ur advice bcuz i dint get de whole 9subject in one sitting,it was in two,dat is in waec&in waec GCE.Pls tell me is dere any hope of getin admision in abroad with dis kind of result?

  5. Good day and we thank God for people like you. If not we would not be able to get guides on how to use info that can change our lives positively. I would like to know what options there are for those of us who can't physically come for the seminar.


  6. Efe,

    Your write up is both instructive and inspirational.I share your views .

    There is nothing i dread like being financially dependent in my old age. I

    like to learn the ropes with you.I started with the 950 per day program

    but there has been delays from the start. please help me duplicate

    yourself in me.God bless you.

  7. Clearly, the need for financial independence is high on the minds of many Nigerians. They may be employed, but they wish to reach a level of monetary certainty for the immediate present and the future. Give some your sage advice,

  8. We are really grateful to you for making us to actually became depend on ourselves. While being financially independent is state of one's ability/capacity to led a moderate life.

  9. Thanks for this wonderful and provoking article,for this question,being financially independent is to be able to affect so many life's by showing them how to do one or two things that will make them independent.

  10. My dream to be financially independent is premised on the need to have Internet -driven business that thrives on providing solutions to the need of people. Besides,having multiple streams of income has been the driven force and motivation to explore the opportunities Internet offers.

  11. Frankly speaking, you are such a rear gem, a gift to humanity in this our generation. I wonder how many lives must have been affected by your thought provoking and inspiring write ups. Remain blessed.

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