April 2nd is My Birthday – What Can I do For You?

If You could ask me anything about my products and you are 100% Sure that I would grant you that wish – What  would it be? Post you answers below :)

April 2nd is my birthday, You just "might" get your wish

Gosh, I just checked the calender and discovered it's my birthday next week
Monday (April 2nd).

I usually do something out of the ordinary for readers of
my emails and news letters and blogs on my birthday e.g new product launch or
huge sales discount, but today,

I'm completely at a loss on what to do to celebrate the day with you. So here's the
deal, I absolutely need your help with suggestions on what to do to celebrate
the day with you.

What do you suggest? Discounts, Product launch, seminar or I just take a
vacation and go enjoy some partying abi?

Seriously, I need your help with suggestions.

Have a suggestion for me on what to do for you to make April 2nd a memorable
day for you?

Please post it below, you never can tell, you just might have that wish :))

Looking forward to reading from you.


  1. Dear Efe, happy birthday in advance. There are two things i am really interested in. How to make money from facebook and d importation from china business. I know d importation biz is highly prized so i dont expect to get it for free. But a reduction in fee will be greatly appreciated by me. Pl take time out and enjoy yourself. Dont expect u to do a seminar or whatever on ur birthday. Go on a vacation and enjoy yourself. Thanks for everything.

  2. Happy Birth Day To You! I am happy to have this opportunity to congratulates & celebrate with you on your Birth Day, many years of Happiness, Success & Blessings on to you & your Business.

    As an affiliate to your ServiceForts & on Lesson 9, I would prefer Discounts because it may be up to more than 50%

  3. Grant me a recorded version of the import seminar that just went by.I regrettably missed it,due to circumstances beyond my control.

  4. Dear Information Queen,

    Happy Birthday In Advance. May You Live Long To Enjoy The Good Fruit of Your Labour. Amen! In Jesus Name.

    Give Us A Business We Can Start now And Start To Profit In The Next 30 Days.

    I paid For N950 per Day Tutorial but have not been receieving my Tutorial Why?

    My Email is solutionplatform@gmail.com

    My Name Oluwakemi Gbenga

    Dear Ma/Sir,

    This is To Notify You of My Payment For N950-Per-Day Product.

    I Paid For Option 2:- Non- ID System.

    My Payment Details are Stated Below:-

    Depositors Name— Gbenga Oluwakemi


    Teller NUmber– 6 9 7 2 6 5 1

    Name Of Product Paid For- N950-Per-Day Product. (Option 2- Non ID System)


    Kindly Send My Package with the Bonuses.

    Thanks You,


  5. My wonderfull queen, congrats in advance on ur coming birthday, i really thank God for your life, since it ur birthday i wish to get ur webdesign course emanual at a reduced price becos my own birtday is also 5th April.

  6. HBD Efe. I am happy to have this opportunity to congratulates and celebrate with u on your bithday. I wish u many years of happiness, success and blessings on to you and your business. As a would be affliate to your service forts and lesson, i would prefer discounts and step by step learning of the seminar to help me on this online marketing and bail me out of debt. Enjoy your birthday.

  7. Tnx 4 d opportunity. I wish u hapi birtday in advance. I personally will like a one-on -one training/mentoring on Internet Business and Importaion Business. This is because my work as an employee did not allow me to attend your seminars. I will like you to do this for me at a discounted price anyway. Hapi birtday once again, in advance.

  8. Hello Efe, I wish you a happy birthday in advance. I am requesting that you make the importation from china business training CD available at a discounted price as many people i shared the link with could not attend your seminar because of the high cost of the training fee you charged.

    If you sale it at N10,000 i know many will pick it up.

  9. How I wish so much to meet with you in person. You are a phenomenon in all sense of the word. I am also celebrating my birthday, this month April 20th by his grace

    You are so blessed with all these ideas and its. So strange you share it with people I am thanking God for checking out your website.

    But my request which I pray you grant is another opportunity to attend your seminars in the month of April 2012. I will like one to one if its possible.


  10. HBD in adv. Madam Imiren,

    As a student of ur 950/day affiliate biz

    pls i wld like a repetitn of my lessons 4m beginning. Tanx.

  11. Efe, happy birthday in advance. As one of your admirer, whom i had spoken with many times, as i wish more success years ahead, i would want to have the manual for the import business seminar which i could not attend in a very reduced price of N5000.00, including the audio recordings.

  12. hello aunty, great days to you ahead. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, I will want to to please sell for me at 1,000 your website hosting video that will teach me how to upload a site to the internet using filezilla. tnx

  13. My dearest mentor, happy birthday in advance.I would love to learn how to add contents to a blog and how to design a small website Thanks in anticipation.

  14. Hi Efe, i couldnt make the china importation biz seminar held lastweek, how i wish i can get the info on a 50% discount pls, and ma pls take 2days off . God bless. Happy birthday.

  15. Happy birthday,bawse! my wish is u teach me to be a web consultant and help guide into starting for free!There,i said it

  16. HBD in advance Efe. I would love to know about a good and genuine foreign university that does online MBA program. The fees they charge, the duration and the requirement.

  17. happy birthday dear ure a blessing to your generation and i would wish my gift to be step by step guidelines on hw to make money from exportation or rather how to export products to other countries thank you

  18. Dear Madam Efe,

    Because you always make BIG impact on the life of others by the knowledge you always make available and the services you provided, its such a pleasure now to wish you everything a perfect Birthday brings.

    Best wishes for a long life and prosperity.

    My lone wish is to have about 30mins face2face talk with you on Masters in Canada (work and study).

    Happy Birthday Ma'am!

  19. Dear Efe,

    Happy birthday in advance!

    I suggest you take sometime, pause & thank God for your Life & for these blessings He bestowed on. Maybe take a vacation & rest. As for me i'l need you to give me the E- books on free tuition & cheap universities in Europe. Atleast those of us who could n't afford it, could rejoice with you as well in this your happy days.

  20. Do have for yourself a wondeful birthday celebration. You are truly fulfilling ur destiny, I only pray that ur life be preserved to complete ur assignment here on earth. I'll like to flip it, what you really do desire to have and don't have yet, may God in his infinite mercy grant it to u today, even before ur birthday.
    U're such a blessing. HaPpY bIrThDaY in advance.

  21. Hello Efe,

    Happy Birthday to you in advance.

    About your question on wish, well I would just go ahead and do all.

    Secondly; I will suggest that you do something special. Specially package something good and ask who would love to participate and mail to them at a price affordable. Take for instance, the Importation Audio you just did. You can reduce the price and ask whoever would love to take it at a reduced price and see if you will not sell all that you produce. On the other hand, you can give seminar on that day if not that it's a working day.



  23. Hapi bday in advance,

    I advice you spend sometime with the helpless take shots as well..upload for us..My other wish is for you to squeeze out time in ur tight schedule to guide me on how i can make 6 figure monthly with my product thru info marketing as u assured me in your book `The biggest way to make it big in information marketing business` Though i subscribed to 950 per day but this product is also a major need in Nigeria today.

    I want to convert the testimony into product by april 21 my birthday

    God bless you as lift people out of financial quagmire..I think seminars should wait for now..I recommend consultancy services,mentorship,partnership for your downlines so more testimonies will manifest faster

    Hapi baiday once,tnx

    frank chinedu (ENUGU)


  24. my own opinion is that you take the day off and have fun.

    I know dat we all want 2 make money and be rich, but life is 2 short to be serious all the time…..so chillout and have some fun..


    Buuuttttt u could alwayz snd me a list of legit affiliate comps dat payz using webmoney or lr.

  25. congratulations & happi happe happy birthday!!! .i feel on dat day u should put a smile on the orphanages & sponsor some few peoples education.u shouldnt hold a seminar ma bt u can have one a day b4 2 or a day after.on dat day tk out time 4 a vacation wit ur honey& ur loved ones.as what u wil do 4 me all i ask is that pls start my 950 daily business tutorials which i paid for since.wishing u all d best ma.happy birthday again

  26. Happy birthday in advance.

    Importation from China Business seminar video will be good for me as a birthday gift from you.

    Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

    • Madam Efe,happy birthday to you and wishing good health,long life and many happy returns.Request to have the import seminar video for N10,000 naira only.Cheers.

  27. Congrats in advance of your birthday. I wish you many many happy returns of the day and many more useful tears for yourself and humanity.While I wish that you take a vacation that day, I would love a reduction in one of your programs that's good for a retiree like me. I registered for N950-per-day System and haven't registered a Domain name although I've just paid for it today.

    Once more, many happy returns in advance.

  28. Good day,

    Thanks for the offering and happy birthday in advance.

    If the importation CD can be discounted to N10, 000 i will like to have it.


  29. efe, HBD in advance. I am a civil servant and i love your ideas. I wish there is a provision for me to contribute some amount to your personal importation business while undergo training with you. Thank you. Make sure you go to a place of calm environs and chill out stress. No computer, time ur phone calls and relax.

  30. I wish to be given the opportunity to be trained one on one on the nutty gritty of information marketing and online business. Anyway i wish you a Happy Birthday. All the Best. Cheers

  31. Will like to be absolve into the 950 per day business system.I don't have a website and in fact I'm just a newbie that will like to make money online.I have a system and opportune to be online most time.Help me on what and what I need to do.

    Happy birthday to you in advance and may you witness more blissful years ahead.

    Thank you.

  32. i was unable 2 attend ur 950training&importbuz seminar bcos i culdnt afford it,i'll b glad if u can make d package available cheaply 2 me,thks 4 ur impact,stayblessd

  33. Hello Efe, Happy birthday in advance and i wish you many more returns. I would like to have a discount on the import business cds/dvds, the amount it is at presently makes it impossible for me to get it and i really desire to have it. Can you consider giving me a discount? Please enjoy your day.

  34. Dear Efe,

    i want to use this golden opportunity to wish you a most wonderful birthday.

    you've been a grt blessing to us all. i know that your light will continue to shine and more amd more men will come to the brightness of your shinning. pls just take a vacation and go enjoy some partying abi? i think a little relaxation, reflection and partying we not be a bad idea on this awesome occassion. Cheers!

  35. Congratulations in advance.may your heart desires be granted as you add another year gracefully.import CD will be it for me especially from Asia.

  36. happy birthday my role model in advance. hmm what can i say? lot of things on my mind. i will wish for a step by step manual on how to make money with facebook,and manual on the how to buy laptop at a cheap rate

  37. Dear Queen,

    Top of the Day To You Ma.

    I Wish You Long Life & Prosperity In Abundance.

    Many Happy Returns of The Day.

    I Shall B Grateful Ma, If You Can Take Pity on me To give me Your….

    Importation Business Package as a Birthday Present Ma.

    The Mercy of God Will Not Depart From You Ma.

    I desired To Start A Legit Biz quickly ma, 1st quarter of the year is gone, Pls help me out.



  38. Efe, first and foremost " HAPPY BIRTHDAY. WISHING YOU ALL THE GOOD THINGS OF LIFE." I will ask you to take vaccation take a rest. well my request is on the 950 training and how to start web hosting business at discount. Thanks enjoy yourself.


  39. Happy birthday Efe and i pray God manifest His wonders in your life as you reach out to others.

    My wish is to get the importation from Asia package at very reduced price as am struggling and need something to boost my finances. I have people around me who would buy these things from me but i havent the opportunity to bring them yet.

    Kindly sell the package for me for a quarter of the price. this is my wish on your birthday.

    Thanks and god bless.

  40. What i wish as a birthday suprise iz dat u help me set up d 950 /day business 4 a 50% discount.


    Efe HBD LLNP

    Enjoy urself

  41. I had written before but my wish wasn't specific, I want to make it specific. Please can you give me 50% discount on the importation secrets? Have a wonderful day on your birthday.

  42. Dear ma,









  43. thank God for another year in ur life. May it be the best of days, the beginning of brighter glory. Im very sure that close to where u live there`s someone who couldnt eat today, or was sent from school. A great birthday would be to put a smile on their lips. Their prayers for u would go a long way. Thanks.

  44. Congratulations , happy birthday to you Efe,wishing you many more years and understanding to create more business outlets for the unemployed youths of this country to make monay that is lawful.

    My wish is that you give me the training for the N950 per day business.

    Happy Birthday

  45. Happy Birthday in advance and wish u long life and prosperity.I wish 2 be given a step by step pratical video or material on information marketing and publishing. Many happy returns. Your life is shinning star to others

  46. THE REST OF YOUR DAYS SHALL BE BLESSINGS GALORE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I need you to make website consultancy DVD available at a discounted price. Also, help us on 950-a-day subscriber wit option to get the lessons on DVD instead of downloading that is frustrating. Thanks. Let's a forget, where do we meet for the celebrations?! Eko Hotel?! SHALOM.

  47. I am using this medium to wish u happy birthday in advance llnp. May GOD GRANT UR EFfort amen. Pls i need to register 4 the 950 per day. So that i can make money also. And sincerely speaking am not having any dime on me now pls if u can help me and am making the money then ur next birthday we are celebratin it together. Once again hapy birthday 2 u.

  48. Wish you could give me the 950 per day business system free or better still I pay 50% of the cost price.Wish my wish is favourably considered HBD once again

  49. Happy Birthday once again. Congratulating you on this cannot be too much, you deserve it and even much more.

    I am excited! on the current wish thing…. I want to be specific….

    You can reduce the price of the Importation Seminar Audio by 60% and ask whoever would love to take it to do so. You can also give a Seminar on the Net and ask us to hook on to you live. Is it possible? If not you can give us a Seminar paper on that day either free or paid.

    After the Seminar we will all send our Birthday gifts to you through the Net. alright?

    Have a great day. You are impacting. Yes. please carry on.

  50. Happy birthday to you ma. I wish for the cost of the website design video to be reduced to N4500, including shipping; to those of us residing outside Lagos. Also, i want you to totally enjoy yourself that day. Cheers

  51. Happy bday in advace,may God grant u ur hrt desires and bless u more,LLNP!I wish u hold a free seminar a day before or d wk of ur bady and also d dvd or vcd of d importation business package.so av fun,relax and let ur hair down on dat day.av a fab bday!

  52. I'm very sorry Efe for omitting something that's so VITAL. It wasn't that I 4got it I only omitted it and I'm sorry about that. Pls I'm sorry.

    Happy birthday 2 u.

    I wish u many more yrs of good health and prosperity.

    U shall not fall but your enemies shall fall, fumble, crumble and mumble in double trouble. God bless u

  53. Hap birtday ma, wishing many hap return, long life wit gud health. My wishes or gift 4rm u is a bonus of step by step on online info marketing

  54. Just give me an info that will give me cash in 30 days. Importation from China ino is good for me also.


  55. Happy birthday to you Efe infact you are one in a million i just want to thank you for your good work keep it up,God will continue to be with you. My wish 60% discount on any product.Thank you.

  56. Thanks for your interest in me and your willingness to help turn my life around. Let me use this medium to say a HAppy Birthday to you in advance. Please I would be glad if your can give me that very secret of how money is made on the internet. I mean everything I need to know. |Do this for me, and I would forever remain grateful to you.

  57. Happy birthday 2 u dearest Efe.(my Rap 4 ur birthday) okay let go"hapi bday 2 edo prety queen,i cal her d queen cos na obu oji ugo&d queen is storming d city wit a great seminar,so pple let's gather our own amina"IS UR BOY JAY C 4RM E town.HAPI BD MENTOR!! Wish u grt gud tins ahead cos its ur birth right.

  58. Princess happy birthday to you in advance, you will certainly spent many more fruitful, fulfilling, flourishing, years on plant earth in Jesus name. as a birthday gift for your readers package the following videos at reduced and highly subsidized price 1 ecover design

    2 affiliate marketing

    3 fecebook & tiwtter marketing

    4 professional web design

    5 web hosting business

    6 web consulting experience

    7 advance blogging

  59. My dear QUEEN happy birthday

    I wish you u reduce the cost of domain name/ hosting to N5000 for me

    so that i can host my 950/per day income system on Hostfortes

    Thank you ma

  60. As you mark and celebrate your birthday dis year, may d good Lord show u mercy, grace and favor to make u fulfill your purpose on earth. Ride on higher.never to stop. Happy cheers.

  61. Happy birthday to you in advance. May our good Lord continue to bless you with good health, wisdom and understanding. May He grant you many more happy returns in Jesus name. Amen! I wish you could set up the N950 per day business system for me. I do not have a website at the present, I wish you could assist and take me through on how to design one. Also, I wish to know how I can open a Paypal account or any other for online business. Thanks.

  62. it's another 365 days journey i wish you many more years with all round blessing..

    I have Interest your programs but i don't have much, i have no body to help out, i wish you can do that for me.Happy birthday one more time.

  63. Happy New Year. I am interested in the report "how to install sms autoresponder on website" which you once advertised on Modified Success Digest Market Place (MSDM). I will be glad if I can get a 50% discount to the product. Thanks.

  64. Madam, happy birthday in advance. My wish is for you to propose bringing ImportBusiness training to Northern Nigeria states such as Kaduna, Kano and Sokoto(No fear of Boko haram in those state) where some of us who admire your efforts reside. Thanks. Happy Birthday!!!

  65. Hi,Efe

    you chear desem date whit my son

    I wish i can have the step by step N950 pay day on a CD.

    At a very very subsides pries. ( A TO Z)

    what the LORD has started in your life he will finish it,

    Have a wonderful celebration.

  66. Efe ,

    How is the count down to the birthday going . I guess this will be a very busy birthday for you.

    Thank you for granting my wish. I really appreciate it. I hope one day we can get to meet at a conference where i will be able to tell you confidently that i am generating a life sustaining income online . I have a second request. i will need your help in contacting Ronald Nzimora i wanted a product of his last year but i coild not get any way to contact him . I wish you can facilitate this for me . Thanks and God bless you ,


  67. Happy Birthday, EFE,

    Though am just getting to know you by just joining your affiliate program,

    I Pray God remembers(He never forgets, though.) that he created you that day sometime ago for his pleasure and grant you your heart desires, because i am sure you have them

    Among taking out time to relax and enjoy yourself in a way that suits you best, grab the opportunity to meditate on that day and commune with God on any request of you.

    I tell you by experience, He personally sits down to reason with you because He remembersTtHAT FAITHFUL DAY, He put you in your mummy"s womb, so He is more ready to answer you that day than any other day.


    My single request is that you give me a simple step by step guide on how to design and host a website for free.

    Believe me i would have asked it at a discount because i dont like too much free things, but ma, pretense is not my strong point, because i am so rich now and u encouraged us to ask.

    Remain blesd.

  68. Happy birthday in advance efe,my wish is I need a discount for the 8 hours face to face that was held in feb, and also a discount for the china importation business. Thank u.

  69. Happy Birthday in advance ,may U????? live long As d sky stands witHout a pillar,d ocean moves without a machine,so shall ur source of joy be unknown to men. Welcome to ur month of APPROVAL were GOODNEWS will not CEASE. Happy New Month ã?? ????????? ?????d???????????? in advance … I????? did payfor the 950 perday business but dont know how ???? go about it because during those time you were giving the lectures ?? mum was sick even though the sickness took her away 2 weeks ago. §????? P?§ I????? wish that you Help me set it up P?§ I????? wil rily appreciate it

  70. Happy birthday in advance and believing that your biggest achievement so far shall be your least. I think a discount on your materials and a vacation will be my suggestion. Once again happy birthday

  71. I wish for 2 things to have the info-products of your Birthday bonanza package(BBPACKGIFT) with your Resell rights.The Success Digest edition of (Monday April 26,2010) for N1000- the email edition. And also how to import products from china with $1.I wish you favour,honour, long-life,blessings,divine connections,prosperity and everlasting peace of mind with more wealth on your Birthday.HIP!HIP!!HIP!!! HURRAY!!!.God bless You (amen)

  72. Happy birthday, Efe. I attended the import secret seminar. I booked for the "WordPress websites design secrets: How to design and setup A Product Website with WordPress in 30 minutesguaranteed", but was not able to pay for it the following day as demanded, due to reasons beyond my control. I wouldn't mind you sending me the product as your birthday gift. Thank you in advance

  73. Happy Birthday!

    Many happy returns.My wish is to be able to pay for the china importation seminar resources.May the Good Lord continue to bless you.Amen

  74. hi dearest friend n mentor.firstly,let me use dis medium 2 wish u a spiciest birthday,long life n prosperity.more power 2 ur elbow,as u ve been impacting lives.my wish is nt far fetched,i wld appreciate it if u can send 2 me an e.book on schls abroad granting schorlaship.also i need a laptop…i dont hv money 2 pay 4 them,cos am broke.stil looking 4 job since when i ve finished n.y.s.c eight months ago.i know u cld impact my life if my wishes are granted by u.looking 4ward 2 hearing frm u.

  75. As u mark yet another birthday,i am wishing u the very best of today & always.hapi birthday 2 u.LLNP.U belong 2 the 21st century facilitator & u are a source of inspiration.hav a wonderful birthday.God bless u.David Bamidele.

  76. Great woman and personalities are rare, especially your kind that want to affect your generation. My first wish is that the good Lord will continue to grant you grace, mercy, wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all things. Second request, to get to your office and be giving face to face attention on online buisness. Happy birthday to you.

  77. Hapi hapi birthday efe,all the very best.my wish is about the universities in the uk that has the full scholarship oppurtunity,you sent me a mail regarding that and that some thousands to be paid and I got the bank details but I couldn't met the deadline because ma parent are getting old so the were both sick,you wouldn't believ that so I was so busy n troubled,if I could be given that oppurtunity again I will be very grateful,am a graduate of computer Science and wish to have a Msc by Gods grace abroad but I can't afford the huge school bills.thank you.God bless

  78. Please do not close the discount by 4pm extend it until midnight my network is bad i am trying to transfer money.


  79. Happy Birth-Day to you,

    Our Queen and Best Affiliate trusted & Information Marketer In Nigeria.

    Am using these medium to wish you long life and more endevoument from the the almighty.

    You shall live longer to eat the fruit of your labour in Jesus Name.

    (1) My special request is on; How to expose Me and fellow Nigerians On the

    Area of online Payment solution.

    As a Nigeria, it's quit unfortunate paying for goods or services online is hell,

    even Our Nigerians Bank Master Cards and ATM are been declined day in

    day out.

    (2) Please can you expose me on an automatic articles writting and submitting


    Thank you ma,

    Expecting a feed back ma.

    God bless you.

    Once more Happy Birth-Day.

  80. Efe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU QUEEN OF INTERNET MARKETING. You are a blessing to this generation as far as Information Marketing is concerned. Your 950daily has really changed my internet knowledge.

    I wish you many years of good health and long life.

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