Amazing Questions That Drops Your Jaws

Hello and Welcome to todays' post,

"So when do we begin the real thing"…he asked me..

Did I hear you ask which real thing?

Well, that was the question I got in an email yesterday from a reader of my newsletters.

This fellow has registered on one of my training programs and is supposed
to submit assignments that will help him set up a very successful online business
that will bring him cash on autopilot once he COMPLETES his assignment.

This fellow is so eager to start seeing money in his account – to the point that he has not submitted ONE SINGLE ASSIGNMENT!

Can you *see* why people are failing CONSISTENTLY with getting thier
products, services and ideas to the world??

Can you Imagine?

Really, it beats my imagination. How can you want to make money and NOT be so kind to yourself as to DO the very things  (i.e. put in place the very things) that will bring in the money for you.

Listen to me, you can *claim* the prophecies all you want, you can *confess* prosperity all you want, if you will not take ACTION to do what is required of you –

There will be NO results. It is as simple as that my dear friend. You must have heard this saying a thousand times that only a Mad man does the same thing and expects a different result.

You can guess, that reader got a HOT reply from me. Imagine, I even had to go back and read the lesson notes that this fellow was given and you can imagine my jaws dropping as I said to myself, If I had someone to show me these things when I was starting, I probably would be far far ahead than where I am now.

My Dear friend, Not taking action results in stagnation, and backwardness, if there
is something you ought to do to get your self from where you are not to where you
want to be – Then DO IT!

Have a blessed day.


Efe Imiren

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  1. I want to say happy wonderfull, glorious, blessed, fullfiled and life impacting birthday. i thank God for your life and how you have been impacting and investing in making life comfortable for others. The good Lord shall continue to prosper, promote and prolpng ur day.HBD MA

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