About Us

Here is the extract from a recent interview, Enjoy!

1.      A little about yourself (Introduction)
Efe Imiren is widely considered Nigeria’s foremost, leading and very successful Female Expert on information marketing as a business. She enjoys an impactful career as a Speaker, Author, Consultant and Portfolio Entrepreneur.  
Efe started honing her entrepreneurship skills while an undergraduate and eventually turned her passion and ideas into a profitable business named ServiceForts Ltd. The ServiceForts brand name has grown into four major operations including Technologies, Travels, Publishing and Business Academy.  
Over the years Efe has discovered what works and what does not work in doing business both on and off the internet.  Her discoveries lead to the creation of www.IdeaForts.com the headquaters of the business training outfit – ServiceForts Business Academy and www.FaceBook.com/BusinessForts where she hangs out with most of our clients and students.
2. About your Internet based business and its nature (Introducing your business)
Efe Imirens’ internet and information marketing business ideas and passion are very different from what is out there. It's not primarily about make money. Her ideas and trainings are about CREATE VALUE and are well organized under the ServiceForts brand name.
All the ServiceForts brands (i.e. Technologies, Travels, Publishing and Business Academy.) are heavily driven by using the internet as a business tool.
ServiceForts Technologies provides remarkable services such as web design, web hosting, bulk sms services, web development and is head quartered at www.HostForts.com.
ServiceForts Publishing provides valuable home based Business trainings for Business Owners and intending business owner.  It is head quartered at www.BusinessForts.com. The Publishing arm works hand in hand with ServiceForts Business Academy which provides business owners the opportunity to have a one-on-one training with Efe Imiren where she reveals her business secrets to attendees who are lucky enough to secure a one-on-one spot. Please note, our trainings are NOT primarily about make money – they are about YOU CREATING VALUE through business, and showing you How To DO Business using the available technologies of the 21st century.
ServiceForts Travels provides unparralled visa procurements and travel services to Nigerians through its head quarters at www.TheVisaSecrets.com; we are known for 99% visa success rate at thevisasecrets.com
3.      How it all began, to how it got to the present level/status. (The Story – the start, the challenges and the break)
I guess I pretty much covered how I started in the introduction section. The challenges have come, and still come every day but I’ve learnt this lesson and any intending entrepreneur should learn it too – As An Entrepreneur, You are called to a life of solving problems. So when they show up, welcome them and get to work!
The main challenge for any newbie is the process of “Putting together all the bits and pieces of information they get and turning it into a profitable business on the internet” and this we have tried to address in one of our Home training Packages called www.ProcessDVD.com
There are all sorts of junk information out there, and what I usually tell my students are: Locate someone who is successful at what you want to do, and stick to the person like a leech by enrolling on the persons list, read all the emails they send you, and do everything they ask you to do and invest in some (if not all) of the products they ask you to get.
In that way, you will quickly overcome the challenges that usually frustrate most newbies into getting out of the business. Don't move from teacher to teacher, it ends up confusing the student. Learn from everyone, but focus on one teacher that has what you are looking for and patiently apply all you are taught. The problem with most failing business students, seminar attendees and training buyers is that they expect the teacher to do the work for them after they have been taught. You go for a training that shows you how to use facebook to advertise your business, then you expect the teacher to leave their own work to come and implement for you, what they laboured and agonized over in teaching you? If you were the teacher, would you be happy?
Now, although most successful people who do business on the internet are willing to help, not everyone has the time to do it, so before you choose the person to stick to, do a litmus test by sending an email to make a genuine enquiry, if you get a personal email from that person stick to the person like a leech. It’s not a sure sign that you will always get a reply from that fellow, but you can rest easy that the fellow will read your mails and attend to you if not all the time, but at least sometimes.
The break? I have breaking news everyday! For example, I just tested a few recommendations on our website some days ago using a new autoresponder and the results from these tests were astronomical. The big break came for me when I discovered the power of classified adverts in doing business on the internet. I have not looked back since then.
4. Few tips on how a newbie can build a successful and profitable Internet based business like yours.
Well, to build a successful and profitable internet business like ours, you have to think like us. Period.
You see, doing business on the internet, is a way of business that reflects the personality of the person behind it. That is why, if you visit a website, you can tell if the owner of the website is someone who goes for excellence in results or mediocrity.
My business is NOT built on the quick cash principle but many many people who want to do business on the internet think of quick cash. They want the money now now now. If you are all about make money, ServiceForts products are not for you. Please don't buy, we don't want your money. If you are ready to create value, then we welcome you with open arms into the fold.
Yes, you can get the money now now, but check history and see, how many of the ‘quick cash gurus’ are still in town doing business on the internet today? They have fizzled out.
So I repeat, If you want to build a successful and profitable business like ours, you have to think like me.
And here is a little insight into how I think when it comes to doing business on the internet. I aim at providing solutions and creating products that will always be needed in the market. I build a lasting business around any product, service or solution I create by investing in the necessary and right tools to build the business.
I don’t ask questions to irritate or annoy my mentors and coaches, I study their products and ask intelligent questions after practicing what I have been taught. Then I keep a weekly routine-sheet for what I do on all my websites every week to produce financial results.
I share this weekly routine of exactly what I do on my websites for consistent monthly income with my students at www.IdeaForts.com; you can join us there and get a 30days free email newsletters to have an insight into how I think when it comes to doing business on the internet.