A Tribute to the Man who Taught me – Business Sense for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Last night on my way home from an evening service, I got hit with a very unexpected and sad news.

This news gave me a jolt and painfully reminded me that life is short and the best way to live it is to  – Live a Story Worth Telling; to the future generation.

In todays' post, I want to pay tribute to the Man who in so many ways taught me that I can achieve the impossible in business on the international scene with the right work ethics.

Doctor (as he was fondly called) was a hard working man. Even though he was the MD/CEO of the company, he would be in the office at 6:30am sharp EVERY Morning (Monday to Friday).

I usually got to the office about 6:20am in those days, and some times, Doctor was there already and I wondered if the man ever slept! And he always closed by 5pm daily just like every other staff, some times we would all close and leave him behind, but 6:30am the following day, you will find him on seat!

Yet, he was MD/CEO of the company with 22 branches all over the world. This and many other good virtues are the reasons his death came as a rude shock.

Doctor was MD/CEO with loads of money so he didn't have to be in the office that early BUT he consistently showed up to work and was a diligent man.

Today, you have many young minds, and some guilty matured people too, who are
MD/CEO of ONE nonsense website that is struggling and bleeding for cash, YET

They are so bleeding lazy that by 10am in the morning they are still struggling to get to their computer to do the right things to make the business work properly and to make the cash flow.

That you are the owner of the company or that you are called MD/CEO is not a license to laziness and bad work ethics, it is a call to responsibility. It is a call to make decisions that no other person can make – but you.

And being the MD/CEO of one website is a call to the SAME responsibility! You are
responsible for the growth or death of that business or website.

Therefore, I want you to think carefully and again – If you registered for my upcoming
program –

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Date: 11th August, 2012
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I want you to think again because there are 5 Criteria You MUST meet to attend that program and in honor of the memory of the man who taught me business work ethics, ServiceForts will refuse entry to ANYONE who FAILS to meet those criteria. So please
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Only serious hard working people should apply to attend that training session – and if you are one of them, I look forwarding welcoming you at the training.

Remember, Life is short, therefore Live a Story Worth Telling to the Future Generation.

If you have decided to go for Online Business, work hard to be the best in it. Make a huge
success out of it such that when you are full of age and finally take the final bow on
the stage of life – People will have stories of you worth telling to those who want to follow
in your footsteps.

You can start that journey of success by equipping yourself with the right knowledge,
therefore -  Attend the Make Money Online Training on Saturday See Website for Full Date and Details


PS: Doctor, Rest In Perfect Peace. Your Memory Lingers.


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