A Most Humbling Day For Us

Yesterday was a most humbling day for me and the entire team at ServiceForts Business Academy as our dear and esteemed students, most of whom we have never met, trooped in from states across the country including Sokoto, Kano, Jos, Kogi, Kaduna, Ile-Ife, Uyo, Ibadan, Lagos and its environs to
Learn the simple, yet effective details about building a strong business online and a profitable presence online.
It was an intensive 8Hours training where all attendees where taken behind the scene and shown the whole truth (nothing hidden) about how we generate our massive sales through the internet at ServiceForts. Nothing was hidden from all attendees, as they saw for the first time, exactly how Efe Imiren generates her consistent six figures online.
Attendees saw and heard things they have never seen in any video or at any seminar, trade secrets that cannot be contained in videos. The training hall was jam-packed, full of men and women who were determined to crack the wealth code of internet based businesses – Hear for yourself what Some of them had to say:
Why Did you Register for This Program?
Attendee Profile: Engineer, BSc, Male
Answer: To learn the skills necessary to earn online, generate another stream of income
Attendee Profile: Business Man, BSc, Male
Answer: I am a newbie and want to grow, to make money online, to generate income online
Attendee Profile: Catering and Confectionary, SSCE, Female
Answer: To learn how to do profitable business online
Attendee Profile: IT Consultant, MSc, Male
Answer: To monetize my ideas online, build a successful online business, learn the methods of making regular money online, and discover successful advertising and traffic methods online. I plan to run a successful online business after this training
Attendee Profile: Clergy, Masters, Male
Answer: My experience in trying to make money online has been frustrating, I am here because I want to kick start all internet teachings I have attended into making real cash, to learn the rope in making money online and to start making money immediately
Attendee Profile: Surveyor, HND, Male
Answer: To make a living online without running helter-skelter looking for a job. To secure my future from joblessness
Attendee Profile: Fresh Graduate, HND, Male
Answer: My experience in trying to earn an income online has been frustrating so far but I believe my frustration is over with this seminar. I have come here so that I can get the skills that will enable me make money online and have my own online business after this training
Attendee Profile: Teacher, BSc, Male
Answer: I am here because I want to change my present status and put a permanent full stop to wants and poverty through online business skills. I want to be financially free, and I believe this program will help me achieve that goal.
I was at your teaching at SADC Nov-Dec 2011 and I hope to make a good turn-around with your lecture today and I expect to have good testimonies to share in days to come.
Attendee Profile: Aviation Consultant, MSc, Male
Answer: I am here to know how to take full advantage of internet opportunities
Attendee Profile: Lawyer, BSc, Female
Answer: I am here to learn how to make money online and to set up a successful online business
Attendee Profile: Accountant, ACCA, Male
Answer: I am here because I want to learn what it takes to be independent, to be online own and to fully understand the system of making money online.
Attendee Profile: Multilevel Marketer, SSCE, Male
Answer: My experience in trying to make money online can best be described as frustrating. I am here to learn how to make money online as an affiliate and web consultant
Attendee Profile: Estate Agency, MSc, Male
Answer: I am retired and need to discover how these thing works so I can make money online
Attendee Profile: Administrator, BSc, Female
Answer: I have never tried in any way to use my skills to make money online but now I am ready. I want to learn the several online business available to have several streams of income. I should be able to design a website, blog and be able to write eye-catching sales reports. I basically want to be able to make money online as a multiple stream of income
Attendee Profile: Engineer, HND, Male
Answer: To gain hand-on experience on how to model the N950Daily training to my area of expertise and skills. I want my first one million in the next six months
Attendee Profile: Web Consultant, HND, Male
Answer: To get full grasp of selling online and offline, my goal is to sell at least one thousand copies of the N950Daily System Products
Attendee Profile: Civil Servant, HND, Male
Answer: To have another way of earning a living after service and to become an affiliate to ServiceForts in the N950Daily Business
Attendee Profile: Civil Servant, BSc, Male
Answer: To Know how to be able to market my knowledge
Hear what they had to Say AFTER the training
Which Topics Did You Find Very Important and Impactful and What Could you NOT do that you can now Do as a result of Todays’ Training?
Attendee Profile: IT Consultant, MSc, Male
Answer: Todays’ Training was educative, focused, purposeful and workable. I enjoyed the training session on FaceBook Advertising, File Uploads to the Internet and Marketing Strategies. I would recommend this training to anyone because it is factual and deliverable. My comments on today’s training? Fantastic!
Attendee Profile: Self Employed, HND, Male
Answer: The resource person at todays’ training explained things to the best of her ability with energy and her heart, today’s training was fantastic. I enjoyed the session on Autoresponders and FaceBook Advertising. I am about to go to the resource stand to get her training videos on FaceBook Advertising because it really explains how to employ facebook marketing for the Nigerian market.
Before this training, I could not set up an Autoresponder to profitable monetization of my online business, but now I can set up GSM Autoresponders and Email Autoresponders comfortably.
I will gladly recommend this program to anyone because it improves lives!
Attendee Profile: Retire, WASC, Female
Answer: The teaching has cleared certain areas that were hitherto dark and complex. Efe Imiren is helping people make money online and improve their lifestyles.
The top 3 topics I enjoyed the most are blog configurations, fixing autoresponders and uploading files to my website. These are eye openers for me. I can now make a website reflect my personality.
I would wholesomely recommend this training to anyone because the teachings are practical and attendees are not left alone until they confirm and demonstrate that they understand the teachings perfectly.
Attendee Profile: Surveyor, HND, Male
Answer:  Before I came today, I didn’t know what a domain name is all about. Now I know what a domain name is and I can set up my blog to reflect my personality. I enjoyed the aspect on FaceBook Adertising. I didn’t know that it is so easy to get Nigerian based customers. Where have I been?!
Today’s teachings are fruitful teachings.
Attendee Profile: Lawyer, BSc, Female
Answer: Today, my mind was exposed to a lot of things. I learnt a lot. I am able to create my own blog by myself and not pay a developer! The training was educative, practical and useful, that is why I would recommend it to anyone.
Before coming to this training, I could not use or set up and autoresponder, I did not know how to drive traffic to my site. I enjoyed the session on Online and Offline Advertising and now, I can drive traffic to my site and set up my own autoresponders. This training should be two days!
== > CUT
We could go on and on and on about what attendees had to say but We’ll stop here for today, from all the interviews above, it is obvious that attendees of the N950Daily 8Hours Face-To-Face Training had a fantastic time at the program and discovered the secrets of profitable online business systems.
In Case You are Asking For the Videos
Well, when the announcement for this training was made, I did make 2 things clear
==> I will reveal my business secrets during the training
==> These secrets will not be recorded on Video.
So, there you have it – The training was not recorded in any way.
However you can get the following training videos and resources to help with your online business pursuits:
  1. Mini Website Design for Small Business Owners                                     N3,500
  2. FaceBook Secrets for Business Owners   N8,500
  3. Google Cash Codes for Business Owners                                              N8,500
  4. Email Autoresponder Secrets & Cash Codes                                          N7,500
  5. 13 Ways Download without paying a dime                                              N6,500
  6. How to Install GSM Autoresponders on your Website                              N6,500
  7. Domain Name
  8. Web Hosting Space
  9. Step-by step Blogging Secrets for Business Owners                              N8,000
  10. Millionaire Classified Advert: Secrets to Successful Classified Adverts    N6,500
I’m taking a brief vacation to prepare for the next training…Web Consulting Business Training. If consulting is your *thing*, then, Plan for it!
Which kind of people have the audacity to take vacations in February and not festive seasons like December?? Those who have mastered the art of taking full control of their destiny via Entrepreneurship – Either online or offline.
Enjoy your day!
Efe Imiren.

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