N950 Per Day System

First, thank you all for congratulating us on our move to our new office and for showing interest in the new Money Making System I talked about in my recent emails to you.

I got many many questions making enquiries about this system and I am dedicating this article to answering those questions.

Just in case you are landing on this blog for the first time and seem not to know what I am talking about >>>> Read this article before you continue >> It is talking about what to do, to ensure you have N950 in your bank account daily with ease even if you no next to nothing in Internet and Information Marketing Business.
Details on the N950-Per-Day-Business System can be read on this website: http://businessforts.com/sc/950daily/


To your N950 per day!


Efe Imiren
Nigeria's Information Marketing Queen
CEO, ServiceForts Publishing


  1. Great concept! I would like to know exactly what the buyers of the product stand to gain. In other words, how exactly will the product add value to the lives of the buyers?


    • Straight to the point Ayo, Buyers gain 2 things ==>
      6 Weeks N950-Per-Day System Training and A Business
      that will put a minimum of N950 on their table every day.

      With the training, they can replicate the system.

      What buyers gain is are TWO Life time Assets.

      Training and Business.

    • Yes, the coaching system is so simplified and given in step by step format, it is very newbie friendly and if you are new to the internet, you have nothing to worry about.

  2. Hello Mrs Efe,

    Have not been myself all this while,You made mention that the system is only available to only few people and will close on the 8 july,can i benefit from this offer?pls do extend it for me.Also as i said try to support me to grow my business.If my request is granted pls send me a text on my phone since am not online always.


  3. Hi,have actually gone through the sales letter,and decided to give it a trial.would have paid in earlier, down here in delta we have been having serious network problem,accessing mails has been difficult,to send details of payment on monday.


    Fidelis Adiefe.

  4. N4,900 is to join the system

    N1,000 is the price for the book called – Information Marketing Blueprint

  5. Wao! The system is great, and i am begining to feel success with your first lesson. Ma i want to know if i can creat entire new blog for this system and host it or can i set up the bog b4 hosting it. I believe with your coaching i will soon join the league of successful internetmarketters.

  6. I just got started in the N950 system and i must confess that its just so interesting, am enjoying d lessons although we are yet to arrive at the main thing but with the things that i have learn presently i am very optimistic that i will soon start smilling. i will then come n flood my testimonies in all pages, am almost there, lets roll Coach Efe

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