5 Steps for Turning Lifes’ challenges into Wealth

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In continuation of yesterdays' post, here are 5 Steps for Turning Lifes' challenges into
Wealth through Digital Publishing Secrets:

1) Write down what the problem is and how it felt like to go through it

2) Write down how you solved the challenge, each detailed process and the progress you recorded as you went through solving each part of the challenge

3) Write down the category of people who have these same challenge, do they dress like you, live in the same area as you, talk like you, do your kind of jobs etc, define the people who will likely have these same challenges as yours

4) Put all you have written in step one and two into a book (physical book and ebook) using the strategies that we will teach you at the Digital Publishing Training on 5th May 2012

5) Put your book into the hands of raving customers who have been dieing to read from you about how to solve their own life challenges.

Listen to me, It does not matter if it is Christmas day, New years eve, or workers holiday, if your prospective reader has a challenge and your book is their solution,
they will buy your book – ANYDAY, ANY TIME!

Join Ronald Nzimora and I on the 5th May 2012 as we show you How to Turn Your Challenges into Wealth through the little Known secrets of  Digital Publishing.

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