5 Hot Business Products That can Make You 300 Percent Profit in 60 Days

The land bustling with opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. If you’ve got a business dream, a trip to China, especially the trade fair will inspire you beyond your expectations. In China, you can start small, you can start big, whatever your budget is; your business dreams can become a reality when you visit the right places, make the right connections and have the right meetings in China.
This trip to China has been eye-opening as we trekked the trenches, the local markets and high street markets to bring you hard-to-find rock solid information that you can turn into profitable businesses. Businesses that can yield you as much as 300% in profit.
This time, I found for you the sources for 5 Hot Items you can sell for 200% to 300% during this Xmas season and here they are:
Wrist Watch Business:

I already mentioned this to you in my previous post. These are branded wristwatches, top quality with their original casing, warranty and instruction manuals.
Here is What you stand to gain as profit
If you sell:
10pieces at N10,000 each; your profit is N35,000 with just N65,000 Investment
10pieces at N15,000 each; your profit is N85,000 with just N65,000 Investment
10pieces at N20,000 each; your profit is N135,000 with just N65,000 Investment
20pieces at N20,000 each; your profit is N270,000 with just N130k Investment
You can decide on how much profit you want to make per watch, N2,500/N3,500/N5,000/N10,000 it is up to you.
They are N6,500 each including courier from China to Nigeria. Minimum quantity you can order for is 5pieces.
Samsung S5 Phone Business
Last year, I wrote to you about the phones; this year, it’s still hot cake. Before I dive into it, let me say here that I’m sharing this with you so that you can get ideas on what to import and sell for the upcoming festive season. December is the time for exchange of gifts, and these items are excellent gift items you can sell.
Because I had hundreds of emails asking me to find out about cheap authentic branded phones and their manufacturers, I revisited the Phone market to conduct more surveys, this place is massive.
Let me tell you a secret you won’t find on the streets in computer village.
When you get into the market in China, sellers will show you four different categories of the same product – from fake to original. The grade and quality of the product increases from fake to original. Take that free tip with you whenever you venture into China on your own to buy products. Or even when you are dealing with Online portals like Aliexpress and Alibaba.
Our talk here is centered on buying the S5 phone at factory price. See picture below:

Each phone is N29, 200 and it comes with 64GB Memory card. That is a very good deal. I bought two to test, that’s what I am using on this China trip, it skypes, uses whatsapp, browsers the internet and you can install all manner of Apps on it from google Play Store.
These phones sell as high as N80,000 in Nija. Here is a table of potential profits you can make:
If you sell:
2pieces at N45,000 each; your profit is N31,600
3pieces at N45,000 each; your profit is N47,400
5pieces at N45,000 each; your profit is N79,000
The minimum you can order is 2pieces at N29,200 each, and you will get it in Nija.

Ladies Shirt Business

This one, gosh, when we discovered the market, we went all gaga. Rows and rows of Ladies tops at whole sale prices! $12 per top. See pictures below!

These tops go for N3,500 to N4,500 easily  in Alade market. I hear it sells for as high as N6,500 in interior parts of Nija. Me? I bought a box full for myself and friends. All sorts of wonderful colors and designs.
You will easily put 100peices of those tops in a 32KG box and make 200 to 300% profits without shaking!
For you ladies (and guys) reading this article and planning to go with us to the 2015 Tradefair, this market will be our first bus-stop J “wink” “wink”.
These things are hot items, for all seasons, Christmas, new year, office wear, casuals, gosh…I wan loss for the market…massive market…if you are into clothing business, you must get to know this market in 2015. Minimum order is 10pieces of tops.
Ladies Camisole Business
This is another HOT Cake. See, the ladies on this years’ China trip bought enough excess luggage…hehehe
Pictures coming soon
These things sell for N1,500 in Naija, I heard it sells up to 3k in some parts of Naija too. We bought it for N800 each. And you can load a box full of it. Minimum order is 10pieces of different colors.
I will update this article later today with the pictures and the 5th Product Business that can fetch you quick cash. In the mean time, do something quickly with this information, make a decision and act now.
What You can Do With The Information Above
You can use any of these 5 Product lines to start your own importation business as quickly as you want.
There are 5 ways to go about starting your own importation business:

1. I will be visiting these markets for the Last time on this trip tomorrow Tuesday 4th November, so you can decide on which of the products you want to use to launch your own importation business, pay into our business account between now and Tuesday 4th 9am China time zone, we’ll help you order and you’ll get your goods the same week we return from China. Call me on my China number if you are not sure of the time, China is 7hours ahead of Nija – +86 131 386 14223.

2. You can attend the upcoming Importation Business Seminar taking place this year, where I will share all the contact details of these dealers with you, so that you can always buy directly. Click here to register for the seminar

3. If you can’t attend the seminar or you missed the seminar by the time you are reading this article, order for the Seminar DVD, it will be delivered to you where-ever you live in Nigeria, and if you are outside Nigeria, it will be delivered to you as well. However, you have to order for the DVD before or by the closing date on the website.

4. You can combine option one and two together – i.e. we help you order your products and bring it for you same week we are returning from China, and you also attend the seminar to get all the contact details of the dealers so you can order direct in future.

5. Plan to attend the next China Tradefair with Usour trips are like no other, with us, you know the ins and outs of the market for your own product and you don’t waste time in achieving your goals in China. Click here to register to attend the tradefair


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