4 Things You will EVER Need to Set Up Your Blog

Welcome to todays' teaching.
Some blog posts ago, I began a series of teaching with you titled "Blog Marketing Strategies" and this is the fourth post from the series of teachings.
In my 3rd email, we established that even though many Nigerian business owners do know about the importance of a blog to their business, e.g
It builds credibility. Updating your blog regularly about specific aspects of your product,  service, info-products or published books will establish you and your business as an expert in your field…etc, Many
Nigerian business owners still can not get to complete a blog because of the
number one reason of Lack of Technical Know how. And
Today, I will talk to you about The Way Out (of this technical deficiency) Plus
the 4 Things You Will EVER Need To create a blog that really matters to the
sucessful growth and profit of your business.
Shall we begins?
The ONLY FOUR Things you will  EVER Need to get a blog
1) Domain Name: A domain name represents a physical address on the Internet where your business can be located. it is the Your-Blog-Name.com or Your-Business-Name.com
Without it, your blog will not see the living daylight on the internet and it is easy and cheap to get one.
We own over 40 domain names representing different businesses, blogs and services
that we provide on the internet.
Just like you pay CAC to register your business name, you pay to register your domain name, in the case, you pay annually.
The companies who register domain names for you are called domain name registrars and one of such companies where you can get your domain name from is www.HostForts.com . You can get a .COM domain name for as cheap as N2,500.
2) Web Hosing Space: In the physical world, After you register a business name with CAC, you need an  office space to put your files, chairs, tables, etc. So you
rent a building to put your office things, right?
On the Internet, the space that you rent to build your blog, upload your videos, audios and  posts about your business and services is called Web Hosting Space. And such spaces are rented out on the internet by what is called Web Hosting Companies
You can own a webhosting company and I can
show you how (this is talk for another day). So, example of a Web Hosting Company where you can buy web hosting space to build your blog is www.HostForts.com
You can get enough space to build your blog for as cheap as N3,500.
Remember that this is an annual rent.
Now let's talk about the other 2 things you need for your blog
4) Blog Marketing Strategies Mindmap
You see, the problem most  people face is a lack of actionable instruction. Reading and doing is one thing… But SEEING how to do it makes everything 100 times easier!
And that is what the  *Basic Beginners Skill* is all about.
With basic step by step video instructions you can get your own business blog up
and running, fully functional ready to interact with your clients and position you as an expert in less than 20 minutes.
I'm going to give you a true no nonsense, total blueprint literally anybody – no
matter what your experience or  skill level – can understand and use to build a fully functioning Blog within no time. Find out how you can access them here:
I will talk to you about Blog Marketing Strategies Mindmap on my blog in an upcoming post. In the meantime do all you can to get the "77 WordPress Mastry Videos" which you need for your Basic Beginners Skill
To Your Business Blogging Success!

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