3 Ways To Know Genuine Suppliers As An Importer

Over the years as we educate hundreds of participants on how to run successful importation businesses, we have had to answer many questions about importation business in Nigeria including ones like these:

I want to start a business for babies and children wears and accessories how I get them?

How do I start importation business for as low as 10k?

Which websites can I get goods at a very very low price?

How can I ship in goods into Nigeria free of charge?

These questions expose the various challenges new importers face about the business; and these are the same questions we answer each and every time at our seminar which holds at http://www.ImportationBusinessSchool.com

People import for various reasons, and the chief number one reason people go into importation business is to make money; and if you do it right from the beginning, you can do it risk free, using other peoples money; without losing a dime.

Those who lose in the import business lose because of two main reasons – they lack adequate knowledge about how the industry operates and because of greed.  When greed forms a major part of decision making in your importation business, you are setting yourself up for looses big time.

Let us examine quickly 5 major things you should look out for in a potential supplier of your products

Thanks to resources such as online global sourcing websites, it is easy to come up with a long list of potential suppliers of whatever product you wish to import. But it is not so easy to take this long list and narrow it down to the right suppliers for your particular product needs. So here is a strategy to help you pick suppliers who won’t disappoint or dash-away with your money.

  1. Write out what you are looking for in a supplier. What are the attributes of the company or persons you would want to work with in bringing your products to Nigeria?

For example, are they easy to communicate with? Do they reply their emails promptly, have they shipped products to Nigeria in the past? How many employees do they have? What is the review of other customers who have used their products?

  1. Compare websites of the list of potential suppliers that you have. Does the website have contact details such as phone numbers, office address, contact name, brief history or brief about the company, downloadable brochures, information about the factories, information about their sales and marketing people.

The thing is, the more information you find on the websites, the more likely that the firm you are about to deal with are serious people with legit businesses in China, Dubai or where ever you choose to import from.

If a potential supplier does not look convincing on their website, it probably will not be a good business partner in reality and you should put it in the “Maybe” or “No way” list.

  1. After narrowing down your list of potential suppliers, you then need to check if the supplier is legit.

You do this by confirming whether the supplier has a good reputation and if he is financially strong enough to stay in business long enough to complete your importation orders.

Simply put, you want to ensure that the company will not disappear after collecting your initial or down payment.

You can use the services of professional companies to confirm the reputation of your potential supplier or you can ask for references from the supplier, ask him to give you contact details of one or two happy customers he has dealt with in Nigeria or confirm from him if you can visit their production site, then you obtain a China, Dubai, USA, UK Visa from http://www.TheVisaSecrets.com and get a cheap ticket also from ServiceForts Travels and fly down to the country to check the production plant.

See, don’t let anyone deceive you, if you plan well ahead and buy your tickets early, you can fly regularly to these countries at half the price. Its all about advanced planning.

Lastly, you can ask the supplier for a product quality manual, this is a kind of quality control manual that documents the production process of the material you wish to import.

If the company does not have a production quality manual, run with your dear money biko.

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