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It’s My Birthday and I’m Thankful in 2015

Happy New Month!

It's that time of the year again..but today, it's with mixed feelings…

It's my birthday today and I celebrate it knowing that the People of Nigeria have sent a strong message to the world saying…

"With Our PVC and Social Media, we can make our voice heard at home and abroad"

So, as much as you congratulate me for a brand new year, I also want to congratulate you; for the change that the people have voted for and for the statemanship displayed by our outgoing President; Goodluck Jonathan Ebele.


In the meantime, I thank God that you continually read these posts, It means a lot to me as writer, educator, trainer, entrepreneur and  travel enthusiast that you have read them continously through the  days, weeks, months and years.

On this occassion of my birthday, I want to say – Thank you.

Are you wishing me a happy birthday? You can do so below or on facebook…Cheers!