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About Getting Visas to Attend Tradefairs

One of the few reasons visa applications for attending business events, conferences and fairs to other countries don’t get granted is because the processing officer can not find any proof that the applicant has attended a similar program in his home country.
Many people have written to our email saying that they’d want to attend the upcoming tradefair in China next year, and we have actually started processing, especially for people who have never travelled out of Nigeria but the thing is, we advise these fellows, you can start with the international tradefair currently holding in Lagos.
I was so excited about the Lagos tradefair as I explained to a friend last night, she had to ask me if I’m a share holder or exhibiting my goods at the fair…lol.. none of the above. I don’t even know the organizers.
But the thing is, you see things you don’t normally see in your every day market, and for those who are attending the upcoming Importation Business Seminarmy advice is – visit the tradefair for inspiration..I met a Ukrane company at the fair looking for distributors! I met a supplier from Egypt, also looking for distributors! The fair is taking place at TBS and ends on Sunday 16th November 2014.
Below are pictures of some exciting products and moments as I visited the tradefair yesterday…
We stopped by at the stand of the Technology Incubation Program and they had a lot of made-in-Nigeria products on display, some of which could inspire you into starting your own business….the machines used in producing these products can be sourced from the China Tradefair, which we are already planing to attend in 2015
There's no speaking of a Tradefair in Lagos without the presence of NafDac, if you've been wondering about how to get a NafDac number for all the wonderful foods and healthcare products you've been planning to import, why not visit the NafDac stand at the ongoing tradefair in Lagos to ask all your questios? I even got an information CD from their stand which contains info on how to register for a NafDac Number without stress, you can request for it too.
These guys have a wonderful packaging for Sugar and it's suitable for giving it out as gifts for this Christmas season, it can go in your Hampers, (if you're looking into the Hamper business and gifts for this christmas season)
I stumbled on this Egypian stand where they sell these lovely clothes for …guess how much??… N2,500 for the tradefair only….lovely clothes
Lacasera did not miss the fun as they introduced 2 new drinks into the Market – Nirvana and Chapman..I think these two drinks will outsell the original Lacasera tastes real good, and I wish I bought a carton each of the drinks before leaving the fair…
We also stumbled on the only blender that grinds beans for Moimoi and Acara…are they looking for distributors?…you should meet them at the fair and talk to them…
Starting your business hinges on having a bright idea that you work at until it begins to yield results..and you can get plenty of those ideas just by visiting tradefairs..such as the Lagos International Tradefair currently going on at TBS and the China Tradefair
We'll be talking about loads of products and business ideas, and tradefairs at the Upcoming Importation Business Seminar, now taking place 6th December 2014Click here to register

5 Hot Business Products That can Make You 300 Percent Profit in 60 Days

The land bustling with opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. If you’ve got a business dream, a trip to China, especially the trade fair will inspire you beyond your expectations. In China, you can start small, you can start big, whatever your budget is; your business dreams can become a reality when you visit the right places, make the right connections and have the right meetings in China.
This trip to China has been eye-opening as we trekked the trenches, the local markets and high street markets to bring you hard-to-find rock solid information that you can turn into profitable businesses. Businesses that can yield you as much as 300% in profit.
This time, I found for you the sources for 5 Hot Items you can sell for 200% to 300% during this Xmas season and here they are: Read More…

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Stuff Right Now

I lost a Brother.
…..And a Friend.
I’m still in shock about it, I wasn’t expecting any bad news in China, more so, not news about a close friend and brother from another mother.
Richard. That was his name. We met during our NYSC. He was the Secretary of NCCF at our local chapter while I was his assistant. We were like grumpy Tom and Jerry some days and then like good old pals some other days.
We’d get along one day, the very next day, we’d have a fist at each other’s face, upset about Read More…