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Importing From Dubai – Free Guidebook Download

Dubai is “The Place”; “The City”; “Da Bomb”. Luxury at affordable price. I mean L-U-X-U-R-Y.

Before this trip, I used to think I was a boring shopper. In fact, if you and I happen to go shopping together, you’d wish you had left me at home – ever heard of the military shopping approach? – You get into the store – with a “todo” list- do a quick scan of the store, pick your items sharply, pay and go. Chikena. That was the  style until Dubai – Lol

Gwaaad – We spent H-O-U-R-S touring stores and buying nearly everything our eyes fell upon. How we go ship or cargo and clear our goods?? – That’s another story for those on the importers forum.

So todays article is really about sharing with you information that Read More…

Vacation Things For Importers What To Do In Dubai

Hello there, about four days ago I began my vacation and less than 24 hours into the vacation – my importers’ antenna was already up to catch revealing information which I just couldn’t resist sharing with you my readers.

Yes, I am in Dubai – my first trip - as a tourist and of course as the information marketing queen bringing hard to find information to you my readers.




We all know that when it comes to importing here in Naija, after China it is Dubai. And you and I know how hard it is to come by profitable information on how to get the best out of your import business from those into the business – even close friends and relatives – we all want to keep our trade secrets – I don’t blame anyone o jare.

But lucky for you my readers, my job is to Read More…