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How To Keep Your Business Afloat – Part 3

Starting a Business in itself is a major feat, it does not matter if that business is Online or Offline. Turning that business into a profitable venture and keeping it afloat is another ball game all together.

From the Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series, you do understand that the ability to convince people to part with cash in exchange for your goods or services is the corner stone for keeping your business afloat. And the best part is that, you don't need to travel from door to door, doing presentations and hard selling to convince people to buy into your products, services, ideas or consultancy.

Like I said in Part 2, I sell millions of naira worth of goods and services to my clients, some of them Continue reading »

How To Keep Your Business Afloat – Part 2


It was a Monday morning, we had slept over at the hotel on Sunday following a massive seminar for a business which was about to launch its presence in Nigeria through my friend…

As was the nature of our business  we got up, we each took to our laptops and as soon as the phones were switched on, they began to ring.. and there was this particularly persistent caller who had loads of questions and wanted answers..

And then I heard my friend explaining to this caller…I have a following of Continue reading »

How To Keep Your Business Afloat – Part 1

        The time was 1:20pm..

It was a hot afternoon. I sat alone on my desk, staring at the business card-sized sheet of paper on my working table with a pen in my hand…

How do I keep this business afloat…I asked myself…

Every month after pouring blood, sweat and tears into keeping the business afloat, I was paying bills…Nepa Bill…Internet Bills..Water Bills..Rent…Security bills…as my mind began to wander to advertising bills…I found myself

thinking aloud…If only I could generate a CONSISTENT income that Continue reading »