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New Contact To Cargo Your Goods From China

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been getting emails from forum members about the dificulty being faced with shipping their goods (especially phones) from China.

Well one of our Forum members, who went with us to the April 2014 China Trade Fair, discovered a new contact for Shipping your goods.

According to our forum member (she will introduce her self below and tell us about her experience in China) this is how it works:

Shipping of goods = $4.80 per Kilo Read More…

The 13 Business Lessons My Mentor Taught me – In a 10minutes Phone call

Have you ever seen the movie – A little bit of heaven by Kate Hudson and Gael Bernal?
In that movie, Gael plays the part of the doctor (Julian) who falls in love with his dying patient, played by Kate (Marley).
At one scene in the movie where Julian takes a walk with Marley, Marley talks so much to the point that Julian blurts out - I have never Read More…

It’s My Birthday and I’m Thankful

That time of the year is here

It's my birthday!


I'm grateful to God for the gift of Life, and that I have you my susbscrbers who read my newsletters.

I'm planning to give out some gifts to Read More…