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Where To Find Motivation And Inspiration To Start Your Own Business No Matter What

Soon as I Woke up to the day last week Saturday, I knew it was going to be an impactful day.
In my few years as a called teacher, there was something life changing about the Lagos Importation Business Training which took place last week Saturday.
One thing was sure, the attendees had fun getting exposed to absolutely new things they had not heard before and they had a lot to say about the training. Plus I enjoyed fulfilling my calling as a teacher that day.
The training was attended by participants who came in from all over the country including Osun, Ibadan, Kaduna, to mention a few.
We had participants from diaspora who flew in just for the purpose of attending the seminar from Europe and the United States. And our participants came from all walks and professions of life including:
Bankers, Civil Servants, Retirees, Farmers, Bakers, Engineers, IT Project Managers, Caterers, Finance Consultants, Furniture Makers, Teachers, Business men and women, Self-Employed, CRM Managers, Sales and Marketing Executives and Admin Managers.
This is given the fact that in our past trainings, we have Read More…

Three Ways To Find A Profitable Chinese Manufacturer Today

To Ignore China in your business today, is to ignore opportunity. It’s no big secret that more than 40% of the worlds’ production now takes place in China. It’s most likely that the paper you will use in your office today was made in China, the chair you are seating on or the device with which you are reading this article right now has a component that was manufactured in China.

With China in your business plan, there is opportunity everywhere. Especially for you as an importer, business man, business woman and entrepreneur. As a beginner in the importation business, finding a profitable Chinese manufacturer is a key to the success of your business. Read More…

How To Get Everything You Want From Life in 3 Simple Steps

1) It Pays to Do One Thing at Time. With this age of multi-tasking, there are so many different things definitely tugging at your time that you want to do. You want to learn everything about info-marketing, importation business, internet business, you even want to write a book, improve on your copywriting skills, and do a massive seminar with 5,000 people in attendance across Lagos, Abuja, PH, Warri…all at the same time.
My brethren, no be like that o. You’ve got to decide on one “most important thing” that will impact your life and business the most and commit yourself to completing that one thing before you Read More…