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7 Businesses You Can Profit From in 2014

1) Importation Business:
Holiday Shoppers spent $12.1 Billion Dollars on Products (Manufactured from China) on the 24th of December 2013. Part of the money that shoppers will spend this year can be yours, if you position yourself and arm yourself with the right knowledge this year.
China. The worlds manufacturing country, a country that thrives in selling mystique and the dream of a billion customers. Having surpassed Britain as the worlds' 4th largest economy, foreign companies flock to China to Buy cheaply manufactured goods for unbeatable profits.
As exciting and as interesting as the Importation Business is, you can get your fingers badly burnt without the right information and guidance.
Here's your opportunity for first-hand guidance into the lucrative world of Read More…

Wedding Bells and Pictures

I love weddings…Lol If you tried reaching me in the last 2 weeks but couldn't get to me on phone, email or sms, there is a reason :- I was with my family as we threw a one-in-town wedding party for my darling Brother and his Bride  - Mr and Mrs Anthony Imiren! Oh yes it was awesome! I saved some Read More…

Home Decor Importation Business

I actually want to be importing ‘glass vases’ for home decor. They’re not going to be ordinary vases, but gigantic colorful ones. (Like an adult’s average height). I would love them to have block bases molded for them, with colorful glass petals to put in them.
1. Will the quantity I’m starting with going to be determined by the manufacturers or my budget? (most manufacturers have a minimum order quantity, though you can order samples to start with)

2. Will I be allowed to give my desired specs for the products? (yes, in fact, I normally advise you have your specs well written out)
3. If it’s going to be according to my budget, what will it cost to ship in the first fifty? (shipping cost will be determined by mode of transport, weight of product and how fast you intend to receive your goods)

4. I have a registered company, can my goods be customized with my company’s name? (absolutely yes)

5. Can you please give me an insight into what the shipping fees will be like? (I may be unable to give exact figures but you may be looking at $15 per kilo in some cases)