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China TradeFair Update: Laptops, Projectors and Mobile Office Gadgets

Someone once told me:- "if you can think it, then you can find it in China".
As long as that thought, idea or image comes to your mind, be rest assured that it is either existing some where in China or it can definitely be created in China.
So, with this thought at the back of my mind, I journeyed to China looking for 2 things -  a mobile vulcanizing machine that allows you to pump your tires if you happen to have a flat tire at odd hours and at inconvenient places.
(especially for we ladies who tie our gele and may not be too inclined to changing tires when we are donned in our aso ebi on the way to the latest wedding in town).
The second thing I journeyed looking for was a portable projector. I travel a lot, do a lot of seminars and presentations, and sometimes, you get to a village where there is no one to rent you projectors.
Now the existing projectors that I see being sold in my country are far from mobile, they are heavy duty machines that you and I have no desire to add to our travel luggages most of the time.
Believe me, I have never beheld a portable projector, but something just told me, if I can get to China, I will be able to find it.
You can imagine my delight, when I went into the deep markets and a store owner showed me this portable projector!
Gosh, this is total deliverance from renting projectors! I can hold seminars on the go, without worrying ever again about where to rent a projector or carrying heavy duty projectors about! This thing fits into your pocket, is very light weight, as in it’s not even up to half a kilo!
And Laptops? In most of its provinces, China has dedicated markets to Computers and gadgets, you’ll see so much. What ever the price you buy your current laptops, divide it by at least 50% minimum, you’ll get it in China if you search well. SAME quality. SAME Brand.
If you are into corporate gifts, try your hardest to attend the First and 3rd phase of the trade fair either in April or October. You’ll see a lot of new ideas to help boost your business, and you are more likely to have better gifts than your competitors during your presentation or bidding for the business.
If you are into seasonal gifts or buying and selling, believe me when I say your business will see more profits if you can just try to make just ONE trip to China next year.
Yes, I found the mobile vulcanizing machine and I don’t have to fear the thoughts flat tires ever again. It’s a handy device that every car owner should have in their car. And if you have business thoughts like me, this is a good gift that can be sold this festive season.
Like I said earlier, the purpose of the China TradeFair updates has been to give you ideas about what to import this season.
Lastly, I have received many emails asking these two questions – how do I start my own importation business and two, how do I join the importers forum.
Here are my replies:
How do I start My own Importation Business or Where do I start from?
My advice most times is:- do not go into any business without knowing the basics of the business. We have training materials that show you the basics ebooks, home DVDs and seminars. The seminar is a total compressive experience and package, followed by the DVDs while the ebook gives you the basics.
Which ever one you choose, you will find what you need to begin your own import business.
If you have already gotten any of the materials, then you start by doing what you have been taught in the training materials.
What ever you do, plan and attend the China Trade Fair in April or October, it will give you practical insights into what big time importers do to make huge profits.
Lastly, How do You join the importers forum?
You join by paying N1,000 per month. And your payment is done Once for one year, i.e. N12,000. When you send your payment details. Login details will be emailed to you. Simply follow the payment instructions by clicking here