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How To Turn Your Excitements Into Capital

Happy Holdup o…
You can imagine my shock when I heard that greeting for the first time last week Friday as we journeyed by road from Port Harcourt to Lagos from the PH Edition of the StudyAbroad Scholarship Workshop; organized by ServiceForts Business Academy.
Just days before that journey we heard about the unfortunate crash of an Ondo state bound plane and so for the peace of mind of family members of some team members opted for a road journey, completely forgetting our personal policy to avoid all things travels on Fridays.
The holdup was long, hot and biting. Out of the blues, this bus driver gets close by and *greets* us with the oddest of greetings– “Happy hold up o”… we all busted out in hilarious laughter…We can greet in this country no be small thing…sotey we get greeting for holdup again?…na wa o..
Anyways, so on this journey, I bought 2 books written by Richard Branson (the successful billionaire who brought Virgin to Nigeria..aka Virgin Nigeria),  I couldn’t imagine being subjected to such a long journey without a book to read. So, in this book, Business Stripped Bare, Richard Branson beautifully defines entrepreneurship –
He said, entrepreneurship is not about working on your own, it’s not necessarily about making a lot of money, entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more with it and move forward with it. Please read that description of entrepreneurship again. Let a light bulb go up in your head.
He concluded in one of his chapters that entrepreneurs take risks in starting companies, innovating products, and offer services that make people’s lives easier, better and safer. And what I’d want you to know is that the 5 Businesses discussed in our last article – 3 Vehicles to Financial Prosperity can make you into an entrepreneur with a company of your own, offering services and products that make people’s lives easier, better and safer by turning what excites you in life into capital.
The five different types of business you can do to find financial independence as an entrepreneur are Importation Business, Information Marketing Business, Travel Consulting Business, Web Consulting Business, and Book Publishing and Printing Business.
To turn your excitements into capital as an entrepreneur, the proper thing to do is to FIRST LEARN the rudiments of these businesses BEFORE you venture into them, that is why I am giving you FREE PHYSICAL COPIES OF MY BOOKS on EACH of these businesses, when you order for the Training DVDs before 10th of October 2013.
The Import Business DVDs, Travel Consulting Business DVDs, Web Consulting Business DVDs are N15,900 each, while the Information Marketing Business DVDs are N25,000.
If you want the books for free, Order for the DVDs before 10th and you’ll get the books FREE.
Please let us understand each other here, don’t email, sms or call me to tell me you are seeing the offer on the 11th of October so you need my books free, it does not work that way and it would be unfair to people who went ahead to order before 10th October. So,
How To Order:
Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing
GTBank: 0011359820 or First Bank: 2015007720
Send an email to payments [[ @ ]] with your name, name on teller, GSM No, Email Address, Bank Paid to, Name of Account Paid to and Name of Product paid for. After confirmation, download links will be emailed to you or DVDs sent to you (if you paid for the DVD and include your home/office delivery address)
Let me leave you with more of Richard Bransons’ thoughts on Entrepreneurship – “the Era of Jobs for life is OVER”.
Listen to me, the richest people and indeed the people with more peace of mind about the future on the planet today are not people with 9am-5pm jobs, they are people who have braved all odds to build their own business. Start your own business today, choose any of the five financial independence vehicles discussed in this article, and START today!
PS: Remember, after 10th October, you can not get the FREE Physical business books.

Financial Independence – 3 Vehicles That Can Take You There

Happy Independence. And Happy New Month.
Since we are celebrating the day of Independence, it’ll be natural to talk about some sort of independence in our personal lives today. In this case, since we talk about financial and business success tips (especially online) on this blog, then we’ll just talk about financial independence today.
Sometime ago, I was listening to a teaching by Pastor Chris and he said Read More…