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Information Marketing Business, A Foundation for Your Financial Security

In todays’ post, I’d like to talk to you about real security in todays’ insecure world. But You’ll have to bear with me as I beat-around-the-bush in getting to the point. But I promise, reading this piece will be worth your while. Before I am done in this article, I am going to reveal a PROVEN and SECURE FIANACIAL (BUSINESS) SECRET known and USED by a ONLY few living Nigerians.
Everyday, something is always coming to an end, the end of summer, the end of winter, the end of the year or like today, the end of the month. And there as “usual” events associated with “the end”.
For example, as it’s the end of the month today, some where around the world and here in particular, the following is happening:
** An employee bemoaning his or her financial plight – having spent all the salary before getting the pay cheque.
Soon as the pay check hits his account, debtors are at his door step demanding payment for the shoe, clothes, recharge cards, pure water, etc he took “on credit” “last month”
** And then there is the entrepreneur wondering, what next, how do I expand this business, and how do I pay staff salaries and keep my staff?
** And there is the house wife who is plain bored with life and wondering – is this all there is to life??
** And also there is the young boy and girl, the student, the youth corper, so afraid and uncertain of what the future holds for their financial destiny. (I was once here, and I can tell you straight-away, it's not nice to have those thoughts and feeling of financial insecurity)
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The Secret to Making BIG Money Anywhere in the World

As I journeyed on an 11hour  cross-continental flight, I thought  about what I'd say to you today in todays' edition of my post.

As I was thinking, I picked up a book by Gary Halbert, a legend in the info-business who used "words" to build millions of dollars in income for him and his clients …. and right there he said something I'm going to share with you. But

Before I dive into what he said, allow me bring you upto speed with upcoming events at ServiceForts:

China Importers Tradefair: we are in the middle of  preparations for the

October China Importers Trade Fair and November Travel Business Trade Fair and I
probably should give you some more details on that.

China Importers Trade Fair is for the following people:
** you are interested in importation business
** you attended our importation business trainings
** you want to network and connect with direct sources to import at cheaper rates.

Remember to ask for Couples Discount and Group of Two discount when registering for the China Trade Fair

You can download the registration forms by clicking here:

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