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Importation Business Seminar March 2013 Report

Seminars….they are what I’d like to call – Continuing Education Centres…(CECs)

They help you learn new things. At seminars, I take notes, I try to learn as much as I can. And I love those parts where you get to answer the question “Is this good? How can I implement/use?”  These same questions I also is ask myself the days following seminars I’ve attended.

Last week Saturday, our importation business seminar hall was packed out with men and women who came from all walks of life, from all over Nigeria and from as far as the USA to attend our seminar.

We had accountants, Architects, Vet Doctors, Bankers, Oil and Read More…

Importers Forum Nigeria

Hello and welcome to Importers Forum for Nigerians. This is where importers meet online, especially individuals into home based importation business who are quietly making millions and living the life others dream about. We exchange contact details, phone numbers and business ideas, we help each other solve business challenges and we partner with each other for bigger proftis.

You can join the importers forum at by paying the one year subscription of N12,000 to

GTBank or First Bank, Account Name: Click hereAccount Number: click here. Then send you payment details using the format on this website: You can also pay online:- Click here

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3 Ways To Know Genuine Suppliers As An Importer

Over the years as we educate hundreds of participants on how to run successful importation businesses, we have had to answer many questions about importation business in Nigeria including ones like these:

I want to start a business for babies and children wears and accessories how I get them?

How do I start importation business for as low as 10k?

Which websites can I get goods at a very very low price?

How can I ship in goods into Read More…