Merry Christmas To You – Live From New York

Merry Cristmas Greetings to You Live from New York.
 Efe Imiren - Living The Mobile Entrepreneurs' LifeStyle
It was bitterly cold the day I arrived New York, but you know what? I couldn’t complain because as my friend Akin Alabi said to me – Na you apply for visa..Laughs
So you see, I had to endure the cold because the main reason I ventured to New York was to experience American Christmas and a white Christmas for that matter sef…plus I plan to have some quiet time to make plans for the New Year then after Christmas it's off to the Bahamas on a
7 Days Business Cruise to make crucial decisions on how to serve you better for the 2013
We're barely hours away from Christmas and just about 7 days away from New Year… and when all the celebration dies down and everyone goes back to work and their normal lives…
…the quietness of ‘life as usual’ sets in.
And without a WORKABLE and PRACTICAL plan for your business life, social life, spiritual life and other aspects of your life… (most especially your business and financial life which we talk about at ServiceForts) your business may suffer from the same old stagnated results you may have experienced this year.
That is why, although Christmas is just hours away, I am spending a few minutes to still put in a few words about your 2013 financial future on the Internet.

You see, I am very grateful that most of my sales this year came from word of mouth—people just like YOU sharing with others how much you love my products and programs.

And I want to make sure you knew about my Affiliate Program which is named N950-Daily-Business
and which also serves as an intensive training program for newbies who want to learn all about using the internet to generate consistent income. My Affiliate Program code-named N950-Daily-Business automatically keeps track of exactly whom you send my way. i.e. it keeps track of everyone you send to our website so we can send you thank-you checks!

But the reason I'm reaching out to you right now is to give you the chance to get in on my next BIG product and seminar promotions coming up in January 2013.

In 2013, I’m giving my affiliates (most especially those on the platinum level) the potential for their MOST earnings EVER. I will partner with qualifying platinum level affiliate on some of my most popular trainings – e.g Importation Business Seminar, Publishing Business Training, Information Marketing Business, Travel Consulting Business, and other secret trainings that will be launched next year. Let me give you a sneak-peak into what I am talking about…
In 2012 alone, our seminars brought in millions of cash in sales. Only you can imagine the profit. At least, the profit is enough to sponsor a White Christmas Venture to New York and a 7 Day Business Cruise to the Bahamas plus other break-throughs that space will not allow to mention. And in 2013, I am opening the flood-gates for affiliates on the N950-Daily-Business to partner with us to make good money with us.
Not only will you have the chance to receive some BIG commissions from this product and seminar promotions, but you have the opportunity to receive recurring, passive income every month as well from our existing products which you promote.

And that means… multiple checks! :)

An affiliate is someone who earns commissions for promoting someone else's products or services. I know many online entrepreneurs (Nigeria inclusive) who make six figures this way. They don't have their own products or offer any service–all they do is sell on behalf of others. It's an honest way to bring in extra income, and in many cases, a substantial full-time living. And the best part is my program trains you for 10 weeks on how to earn these extra income.

My affiliates trust the quality of my products. Many were already my customers, and were already spreading the word around. They just decided to start earning commissions on every sale. And now, it's your turn… 

All you have to do is CLICK on the link below, click on the register here link, choose the levels you wish to participate in, either the basic or platinum level, and let me know WHERE to send your checks by completing your registration and updating your affiliate control panel with your bank details.

To start earning commissions right away, get all the details and create your affiliate account here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Efe Imiren
PS: So why should you join the N950Daily-Business, become our affiliate before 31st December 2012 and let me know where to send your checks? Only those registered before or by 31st December 2012 will partner with us to earn commissions in our first BIG Seminar in January 2013.


PPS: For all our travel clients, we have beautiful travel and visa solutions which we will unfold to you in our next emails to you, Honeymoons, Valentine Getaways, Visa Applications, etc



  1. It can be so chilly also in Indiana where I was from September till November and also at Redlands,CA now.

    I hope to be more proactive with the programs in 2013. I hope to strengthen our relationship in the new year. I am determined to remove the spirit of defeatism that has had taken a root in my mind.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Hello Madam, I cannot trade blames on you for any of us your students of N950/daily system who couldn't make a dime this 2012 like myself. Due to remoteness of the area where I live, I could not follow as there wasn't internet service to download certain materials, thereby making me not to submit any assignment. But Madam, please consider us and see how to help those of us who are platinum members but are still far behind. I strongly believe that 2013 shall be far better than 2012.

    Finally, I advise all N950/daily system students who could not make it this 2012 to be patient, obedient, and painstaking so as to see and enjoy all the goodies of the system because what a man sows that shall he reap. Let's be foccussed.

    Wishing you a successful new year.

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