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Merry Christmas To You – Live From New York

Merry Cristmas Greetings to You Live from New York.
 Efe Imiren - Living The Mobile Entrepreneurs' LifeStyle
It was bitterly cold the day I arrived New York, but you know what? I couldn’t complain because as my friend Akin Alabi said to me – Na you apply for visa..Laughs
So you see, I had to Read More…

Five Gifts You can Give YourSelf This Christmas

Three days ago, one of my business mentors sent me an email on how to give myself a gift this festive season, I thought this wise words were too good to keep to myself so I decided to add some more words of wisdom and share it with you my dedicated readers.
For many entrepreneurs and most people, holiday shopping can be an especially big undertaking. We have holiday cards and gifts to send our customers, VIP clients, JV partners, and vendors. And this doesn’t include all the personal holiday shopping that needs to be done for our families, loved ones, hair stylist, pet sitter, nanny—the people in our lives who deserve our gratitude. We’re blessed to have so many people in our personal and professional networks, but unfortunately, there is one person who often gets forgotten: YOU. Read More…

Who Cares. Seize the moment. It is No Longer In Print

Who Cares? That was the message in an email I got from a seemingly upset client who was informed his domain name (the business name he was supposed to use to make money online) was about to expire.
ServiceForts owns many domain names including,,,, and a host of others space will not allow me to mention. Now, if my domain managers send me an email that any of those names are about to expire, it would catch my attention, and you know why?  Those names are the engines, the epicentres of the ServiceForts business empire on the internet. So, you can