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What Gurus Don’t Tell You About How To Make Money Online in Nigeria PLUS FREE Training For You

On Saturday, I began talking to members of my mailing list about the new and updated
N950 Per Day Business System. Now, let me tell you somethings about the program

For over one solid year we have consistently taken "No bodies" in the internet world and
made them "financial heavy weights" through our carefully designed "N950 Per Day Program"

Let me tell you something about you and I. You see,  You and I are alike, We don't like to beg for things. (I'm not talking about apologies, "I'm sorry" is a very useful human relations tool, for business and social life, but hey…this isn't a relationship seminar.. =:) )

You see, It is not in our DNA, where I come from, we are kinda trained to avoid all forms of begging, that is why over 98% of my daily sales from the internet are all dependent on traffic from my own proven N950 Per Day Advert Strategies.

My online businesses are built such that it does NOT depend on other people to sell the products. No matter what, EVERY single day, the businesses draw in five and six figures in sales and I don't even have a HUGE list (or customer base) like all the gurus tell you to have.

So how do I do it?

Stick with me, I will tell you how I do it shortly…

Listen to me, don't be fooled. You hear that Madam Chinyere made N250,000 in affiliate sales and commissions or that Brother Theophilus made N350,000 last week as income from internet business, if you do a little back ground check on these people who claim to make huge amounts from the internet, they have Three things in common Read More…

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Business Internet Business And The N950 Daily Program

What is 950Daily Business All about?
It is a 10Weeks Training Program that takes place ONLINE which exposes to you in step by step details, how the “making money online works” and it also doubles as a Platform for partnering with ServiceForts Ltd to join our Affiliate Business Program through the  BusinessForts Affiliate Business Partners Platform.
What is An Affiliate Business Program?
The ServiceForts Affiliate Business Program is designed to help Nigerians practice Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria.
The Affiliate Marketing Business Model is simply a business system that helps YOU to promote and sell someones’ products or services in return for commission.
Affiliate marketing is a promotional strategy that is entirely internet based. Affiliates are paid for introducing customers to a website or company. Even bloggers and online forum members can become affiliates and earn commission for referrals.
So basically, Read More…

A Tribute to the Man who Taught me – Business Sense for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Last night on my way home from an evening service, I got hit with a very unexpected and sad news.

This news gave me a jolt and painfully reminded me that life is short and the best way to live it is to  – Live a Story Worth Telling; to the future generation.

In todays' post, I want to pay tribute to the Man who in so many ways taught me that I can achieve the impossible in business on the international scene with the right work ethics.

Doctor (as he was fondly called) was Read More…