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Jinxed or Just Life?

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Jinxed or Just Life?

Hello Dear Friend,

See, Am I jinxed or this is just life?

Yesterday EVENING, to avoid hold up, I took the fastest bike I could get to Computer Village to buy a N45,000 Rechargeable Microphone audio recorder so That I can give ALL attendees of the  Web Consulting Business Training the audio recording of
the 2 days training AND Read More…

What To Do When Every One Says You CANT!

Dear Friend,
A Happy New Day to you.
I was going to post this write up on the blog yesterday (Sunday) because I composed it right after the service in Church but couldn’t because I had family friends over for dinner.
Last week was a unique week and it was one of those rare weeks when you just got overwhelmed and Read More…

Web Consulting Business – How The Big Boys Get Fat Pay Cheques

One of the best businesses you can start from home or on part time basis is to sell your expertise as a consultant and this article is all about showing you
How The Big Boys Do It and How The Big Boys Get Paid Fat Monthly Cheques for posing as Web Consultants.
If you have developed expertise in designing websites, using the Read More…