#1 Reason Why 90% of Nigerian Business Owners Don’t Own a Blog

3 posts Ago I began a series of  teaching with you titled "Blog Marketing Strategies" and
this is the third email from the series of teachings.

Today I am going to talk to you about Why 9 out of 10 Business Owners NEVER get to start Nor complete their blogs.

In my last posts, I showed you 5 Top reasons why Blogging is so Important to your business, whether you are selling physical products, services, info-products or published books.

What ever your profession; consulting, politics, teaching, authoring, publishing, speaking, marketer, banker, importer, exporter, manufacturer, fashion designer, wedding planner, newscaster, jounalist, taxi driver, car hire consultant, travel planer, pilot – name it,  in todays' world Adopting "Blog Marketing Strategies" is  essential to your bottom line (a.k.a Profits)

The the most prevalent reason why  9 out of 10 Business Owners NEVER
get to start Nor complete their blogs is because of – LACK OF TECHNICAL KNOW HOW

This lack of technical know how crops up in various forms of excuses such as:

==> I don’t know the basics and hence lack the confidence to start now

==> I lack a coach who can baby sit me into creating my business blog

==> I don't have all the huge money to pay that my company IT Manager is quoting to get a blog

==> I don't have time to learn it and do it myself

==> I am tooo busy to learn anything right now

==> It is just too technical and all the seminars are charging too much money to teach me

==> The last seminar I attended, the guy charged N50,000 for the seminar and still told me to come for one-on-one to get insider secrets on how to build my blog (can you imagine the non-sense!)

==> I have been hearing about blogs, It looks too complicated.

==> I know it is very important for my business, infact, I know I need it to make more money online but I just don't know how to get a blog!

Pheeewww, if  we let you, I know you can list one hundred and ninety eight reasons why You can't have a blog for your business, services, products, info-products, books and ideas. BUT

There is a way out.

Before I discuss this way out, let me tell you the ONLY FOUR Things you will EVER Need to get a blog

1) Domain Name

2) Web Hosing Space

3) ?

4) ?

In my next post, I will talk to you about The Way Out Plus the 4 Things You Will
EVER Need To create a blog that  really matters to the successful  growth and profit of your business.

Watch out for my next post.

To Your Blogging Success!

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