It’s My Birthday and I’m Thankful in 2016

It's that time of the year again….my birthday!   I'm grateful for the gift of Life, Family, Friends and You reading this right now. As life unfolds this new year, I'll aim (just like you) to accomplish the great and the noble. But when this time comes again next year, I hope to have lived more »

Tell Your BVN Stories Here

So the whole of Nigeria woke up to BVN today, many people including yours truely had interesting stories to tell…if you're on our mailing list, see your mail for my story. We'll like to hear from you, share your story below…

FAQ: Importation Business and Importers Buyer Forum

Question: What is the Importers Buyer Forum? Answer: The Importers buyers’ forum is a short-cut to starting your importation business. If you already have an importation business, it’s a forum for discovering and dealing in fast-hot-moving and profitable products. The forum enables you as an importer to buy products direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom prices more »